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Apertame Hoax

I almost made an idiot out of myself. My Mom forwarded me an email about Aspartame causing Lupis, MS, and a host of other problems. I was really shocked about the info, as I was staring at my Diet Dr. Pepper. I was getting ready to post the article here on the T-forum.

Luckily, I thought to check snopes.com. I typed in “aspertame” and sure enough, it came up as an internet hoax, started in 1999.

I’ll guess I’ll have to find other ways to make an idiot of myself.

I’ve never heard of aspertame, but I know Monsanto developed apartame (which is also in diet pop), & anything made by one of the world’s most corrupt & unethical corporations can’t be good.

I always keep snopes and hoaxbusters handy for these types of things. Then, when I find one, I reply to the person who sent it to me with the links to the snopes pages, and suggest that they forward those links to every one they sent the original page to. Seems I get a lot fewer of these hoaxes since I started doing this.

Say, your idiocy knows no bounds.

Have you really never heard of aspartame?

Geez, I can’t even get the spelling on the subject right.

Of course, it’s ASPERTAME

Here’s the link for the snopes page about this hoax http://www.snopes.com/toxins/aspartam.htm

(Say, check out that link.)

It’s actually aspartame, not apartame, Say.

I love snopes.com and recommend it to anyone that sends any of the ridiculous claims, stories, or photos that circulate on the internet.

From http://www.m-w.com:
"One entry found for aspartame.
Main Entry: as?par?tame
Pronunciation: 'as-p&r-"tAm, &-'sp?r-“tAm
Function: noun
Etymology: aspartic acid + phenylalanine + methyl + ester
Date: 1972
: a crystalline compound C14H18N2O5 that is a diamide synthesized from phenylalanine and aspartic acid and that is used as a low-calorie sweetener”

I told you it had a A. It comes from aspartic acid. & I don’t care if it causes Lupus or not, I’m not putting anything developed by Monsanto into my body.

why do I do this?

say, look at your original post. You spelled it “apartame”. You left out the s. You got it right the second time. It is aspartame.

Say, really, are you trying to look like an idiot? Either you’re very smart and you are just going out of your way to make yourself look unintelligent just for sh*ts and giggles or you really are this obtuse. I’m going to have to vote for the latter, because if you’re this good an actor I’m in awe. You are the only individual who posts on here on a regular basis in whom I have utterly no hope. I generally like Canadians, but I’m glad my family has no Canadian roots simply because I know I have at least that much more distance from your genetic pool.

I usually go out of my way not to insult people on here, but you take the cake, and on this little sleep I just cannot take this any more.