ape grip

How often should an athelete do grip training? I am doing 2X per week with lack-luster progress

that form of training can be accomodated within your normal training. what is your goals in training or is your question of grip strength because you recognized it as a weakness? In faith, Coach Davies

Actually I have above average performance with my grip strength, I just seek continual gains, and havent had any in the past 3 or four weeks. As of lately I have pursued some rock climbing(though exterior from my training) and would like to accel in it as well. the obvious dehlimma I am faced with is that I still direct my training towards bodybuilding rather than functional training, and realistically don’t intend to alter that since it is my priority to succeed competitively in that arena. With the excess I get from climbing a waelth of new problems develop, Like caloric intake, and routine modification. I would rather get it right, than experiment endlessly until I find a comfortable median so any tips you can give me to allow me to mantain my bodybuilding aspirations while incorperating beneficial strategies for climbing would be most appreciated. Also I could use some calorie advice as well, how much should I increase to alow for the excess expenditure?

Any ideas?

Probably the next step should be what exactly is your training program like right know. After seeing that we can determine, what if anything lacks or you are merely at a sticking point. In faith, Coach Davies

Ok, here is a basic rundown of my weekly routine: Monday I do Biceps/triceps training with weighted abdominal training as my finisher, Tuesday I rest, Wed. I Do my Back(primarily focusing on Lats as of late due to insufficiancy in the region) accompanied by grip training consisting of both foreward and reversed wrist curls, plate pinches and towel pull-ups. Thursday I train Chest and shoulders with unweighted high repition abdominal training as my finisher. Friday I rest. Saturday I do a modified “limping” program for leg development(the only true modification is the incorperation of pre-exhaust techniques becuase I have excellent qaudricep endurance and it is the only way I have been capable of attaining failure) Sunday I rest. My second grip training day of the week is when I go climbing with my roomate, which is usually a lengthy endeavor and quite physically daunting(and I am in good health). In the event that you need personal stats for your evaluation I am 6’ 175 lbs. As of last sunday I am roughly 6-7% bf trying to mantain “clean” growth as I completed my competition phase dieting last month (competition weight 162)My cardio is marginal since I am gradually weening myself back to a larger yet solid size.

Was also considering taking on the electric wall as a form of cardio next year when I try my hand at the junior states BB competition, though I fear overtraining may result…Also I neglected to mention That I am 19 years old, and an IACPFT personal trainer/full time student at NC state University so I have ample facilities to my disposal, as well as, the youthful drive to ensure I do it.

electric wall - do you meant the moving one? Forget about the training concept but that thing is addictive. I have such a great time on it I just never want to stop. With regards to your training, you could make some modifications to improve grip (although you sound pretty solid in that area). However the question is that other additions would involve more multiple joint movements and might impact on your bodybuilding aspirations. Lets discuss more. In faith, Coach Davies

Yes it is extremely addictive! I was sitting perplexed over my situation and I was considering doing my climbing as part of a back training split program in which I did my work sets in the morning and climbed in the afternoon. I’ll keep on fudging with the idea until something worthwhile develops of it. thanks, Robusto

Have you ever thought of training grip on a different day than back? I used to work calves on leg day and grip on back day. It should be no surprise that when i put the two together on a seperate day, that my poundages started going up.