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Apartment Conversation Pieces


Just moved into a large apartment and have some money to blow....

What are some cool/random/stylish items to put in a bedroom or living room to take up space?

It can have a functional use or just be funny as shit.



Stripper pole!!

Funny as shit, unless some hot female decides to make it functional! Either way it's a win win!!

I also nominate a badger rug at the foot of your bed... Instant conversation starter!


Get one of those cigar store Indian statues. Nothing gets a girl wet faster than a cigar store Indian statue.


I got an old dentist's chair for my living room. It's definitely a conversation starter and good for when you have a lady friend over.....

Erotic art is always a good way to go as well. I used to have this sculpture made from iron that was a garter, panties, corset and nipple-less bra.

Stuffed and mounted animals are a can't-miss conversation starter, along with human skeletons.


go checkout some antique stores or auctions. not the ones in the expensive downtown areas but the cluttered ones with a big storage areas. I collect antique books and always find other cool stuff while hunting.
some examples of the things I've found
traveling mortician's table(use it at the house warming to serve a morgue-es-borgue)
silver spittoon
5' tall stone gargoyle
8'x4' blond oak chifferobe with beveled glass mirror(makes an incredible entertainment center)
chair made of cattle horns
antique dentist chair that still raised, lowered, tilted, and spun. it was very comfortable.
camel saddles
a padded bar with engraved mirrors that said "Chevis Regal" that looked like it came straight out of a 60's era Playboy magazine. you could just see Hef standing there while a bunny mixed him a drink.
carousel horse on stand that you could sit on in your house
wooden indian clubs
working victrolla with records
bird eye maple toy box bench

go and find something


a Burmese baby locked in a cage





Mine or the baby's? And in the other thread you posted this pic, mine or the other guy's?


I've got 2 big screen plasma tvs in my living room. Pretty good convo piece right there.


Well, when I read your posts or anticipate reading them, this is the scene that plays in my head. You HAVE watched waterboy right? If not, go watch it and you will get my joke. For now I'll just post this when I have no response but feel the need to post so that I can stoke my ego knowing people are reading something I posted. (I mean after you post something of course)





"where did you get that?"
--"the store called _____."
"oh, what made you want to get it?"
--"a guy on the internet told me i should."

FUCKING AWESOME conversation!

if you have the money to blow, GO somewhere and DO something and bring back something cool.


You're mocking me aren't you? I feel hurt and disgusting now. Thanks a lot.


Go to a savage jungle somewhere, battle cannibals, bring bad the shrunken heads of the people who defeated, hang them above the TV. Make sure you get a scar. Awesome convo piece.

In all seriousness:

  • LED faucet lights. They're just cool, OK?

  • A katana or sais or some cool weapon and mount it on the wall.

  • A really old book in a dead language. Lay it open on a table. Put some old jars with various colors of dirt in them. When people ask about it, pretend it was an old book you discovered in an abandoned ancient temple. Tell them it has secrets. Talk in a different language, throw dirt on them, laugh maniacally.

That's all I got.


exactly, it's only a good conversation starter if there is a story behind it, which there usually is when there's crazy shit laying around.


I got your back DBCooper. That's why I mockingly retorted with "poon" above. It means nothing and was meant to confuse Vegita. I think it worked.


a power rack duh!


I would have suggested taking an art or photography class.


I thought that was your conversation piece


abstract art. I hear the new thing the kids are doing these days is to take small neighborhood animals and splatter their brains and guts all over the canvas with guns, sledgehammers, etc and to pass off the blood splatters as "angry art".