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Apartheid chocolate now?


Attended Max Brenner Parramatta franchise in Sydney tonight. Max Brenner company contributes money to the Golan Heights brigade of the IDF. A degenerate anti-Israel group held an 'apartheid chocolate' rally tonight...seriously. More than 100 long haired dhimmi freaks and Jihadists showed up demanding an end to apartheid chocolate and chanting 'Max Brenner genocide!'.

I ordered several short blacks and filmed the freaks on Sony HDR CS 550E camera. As I'm a fucking computer retard I am unable to convert Sony HT2S video files to to a standard format like MP4/AVI. Not really keen on spending several hundred dollars on Sony Vegas. Let me know if you know how to convert these files without Sony Vegas.

Goy drunken Irish bastard hates liberals/Jihadists. Questions?


OK. Fifth columnists with a watermark.



..Try AVI conversion.




Sorry for the video conversion problems.


I doubt they know that 'Apartheid' means. Its like the Gaza blockade: anyone looking at a bloody map of the area, can see that Gaza has a border with EGYPT, an Arab country. How can ISrael blockade Gaza ? who cares? its a good rally call..


The same happened in Melbourne, I now buy my chocolate only at at the Max Brenner outlet and I always leave a very good tip.


Thanks for posting this Sex Machine.
The night of the Melbourne BDS march I called the radio and had a chat wiht the host. One proBDS moron called in, annoyed the host. Four antiBDs people called in, fed up with the Socialists - or should I say SocialistSS - fedup with this antiJewish garbage, fed up with the proBDS caller himself.

These people are dangerous and moronic, but have succeeded in increasing chocolate sales by Max Brenner by people disgusted at what they see. Fortunately a delicious way to support a democratic state like Israel and make a statement against street thuggery. Have advised a diabetic friend that she can safely buy chocolate body wah and body lotion at Max B's. online shop.

These SSocialists are now moaning that they're not REALLY Nazis...


What's particularly funny about the "apartied" claim is arabs (of any religion) are free to vote, live, work, play, etc., in Israel. The most "free" arabs in the ME live in Israel.

In contrast, the PA demands that no Jews be allowed to be PA citizens (in its hoped-for-future-state). They actually use the Nazi-era word of "Judenfrei" ("Free of Jews") to describe their hoped-for-state.

It's really a bizarre world where dark is called light.



audio from the march in Newtown.