AP2 & Diverticulosis

Lots of info in here, but will try to make it short. 43 year old male from the MM2K and Testosterone.net days. Customer since then, but obviously not a poster (haven’t read much in the past 10 years either). Got lazy and fat. Disgusted myself enough to get back into it, going on 3 weeks now…feel great, seeing progress.

I have diverticulosis, which are pockets on the intestine that trap food and get infected…requiring an E-Room visit and anti-biotics…expensive and not fun. Because of that, I basically can’t eat carbs. Anything that doesn’t completely disappear, causes an attack. Seeds, skin (potato, fruit) grain, spices…basically if it isn’t mashed potatoes or applesauce, I can’t eat it.

Because of this, I switched to an “Atkins” type diet (Keto) and haven’t had an attack yet. Beef, Chicken, Bacon, Pork, Eggs (whole), Cheese, Butter, and TONS of Mayo. Basically the “Induction Phase”…for life. I lost fat, but wasn’t working out, so just keto didn’t get me ripped, LOL. Still looked horrible.

Now that I’m back into it, I ordered 1 tub of Anaconda and 1 tub of MAG-10 (did I mention I’m broke?) I don’t do any Surge W or R because I’m worried that I’m pumping my huge dietary fat load, back into the tissue. I never have low energy, I’m used to existing on no carbs.

My goal is looking good, and functional strength…I don’t want to look like a fat ass, and I want to be able to pull myself up onto the roof if I’m hanging by the gutter, if you get my point. Don’t care about size at all.

Home Gym only. Nordic Track and Heavy Bag for cardio. Pushup and pullup bars, homemade medicine ball (basketball w/sand) for bodyweight work outs. Sprints.

Given all of the above, do I need the carbs from Surge, or is Anaconda/MAG-10 only, good enough? How many scoops? Today I did 2 of each and felt great (ist dose ever…placebo…maybe, but man I felt good), but can I get away with 1 scoop each? Due to cost, I probably won’t do a “pulses”.

All replies welcome, glad to be back!


with NO carbs at all, eventually your thyroid and metabolism will slow

hypothyroidism can also lead to low testosterone levels

i would have a carb up at least once every 14 days - even if it is just tons of mashed potatoes, apple sauce, etc