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“You don’need to see his dat-damn identification, ‘cause these ain’t the muthafuckin’ droids ya lookin’ for.”
Woulda been nice…

"Windu's purple light-saber: when you absolutely positively got ta kill every muthafuckin bounty hunter in the rooooom...accept no substitutes."

However, a bunch of dumbass care bears using stone spears and primitive catapults DID defeat the Emperor’s finest legion on Endor. Words can’t describe the ire I felt over that load of crap. I have no idea where Lucas got his fetish for primitives going toe to toe with advanced militaries and doing well. One can only suspend reality to a point.

Originally, the conflict was supposed to have taken place on Kashyyyk. Instead of Ewoks fighting Stormtroopers, they were supposed to be Wookies. Now THAT would have been fun to watch (and more believable). But Ewoks sell more stuffed dolls, lunch boxes, and such, so Lucas opted to “cut the Wookie in half”. How sad.

I think the lightsaber scenes in TPM where the Jedi fight Darth Maul were a lot better than the ones with Christopher Lee. Have you noticed right when Anakin was about to get his arm chopped off, he was waiting for Dooku to attack? They should have done a better job with the choreography in that. It didn’t seem as sudden as when Maul killed Qui Gon Jinn by surprise. But I have to hand it to Lee because the guy turns 80 next week. There were so many opportunities that could have made this movie kick ass, but George Lucas had to tone it down for the kids. Like when Anakin killed off those Tuscan Raiders–I say they should have shown the whole thing where he buthcered all the women and children, blood and everything. From what I heard, Episode 3 will be pretty dark–probably the darkest of them all. It makes sense though since we know about Anakins fate. But I bet Lucas is going to find some way to screw it up by putting in cute characters for the children. FUCK THE CHILDREN! BTW, for those of you who don’t know how Anakin turned into all machine by becoming Darth Vader, it is mentioned in some detail in the book Shadows of the Empire. I recommend you read it.

I’ll be getting VERY soon (like by Friday) the brand new, just released, Special Edition DVD of Legend. Oh, and I think a September release of the DVD for Spider-Man is in the works…Patricia :wink:

Yeah screw the children. EpIII should be like Saving Private Ryan with all the Jedi killing, etc.

How much extra footage did they add to Legend? I hear it’s a lot. I’ve been waiting for them to re-release it with the extra footage for years.

Man it’s a TWO disk set. There’s two versions of the movie: the completely restored version with the original Jerry Goldsmith score as well as the theatrical release version with the Tangerine Dream score. AND deleted scenes, AND a documentary (and can’t forget the commentary with Ridley Scott). I just cannot wait to get this one!

Considering the weapon accuracy of stormtroopers, some of the best trained troops in the galaxy, throughout the series. Combined with the performance of their body armor against stone spears and clubs the Empire really needed to re-evaluate their military contracts with ACME.

Hey, just saw some “just released” pics of the upcoming Star Trek 10 - “Nemesis”. The “big bads” are called “Remans”. The storyline for this one is a cross between Wrath of Khan and First Contact. The script was a VERY good read, too. Universal (studio) is all abuzz about this one - alot of good talk surrounding this production. I’m not a official “Trekkie” - but this Trek is lookin’ good. Just a another Public Service Announcement from Patricia :wink:

Sweeeeeeeet! 2 discs!! Definitely gonna pick that up! Though I kind of like the score by Tangerine Dream. I’m not sure how I’d like it with a “real” score.

Count Dooku kicked ass he’s my favorite character out of attack of the clones. I have a question. How many kilos of crack did Yoda do before that fight scene? Possibly a little PCP for added fun.

I liked when Samual gave Jango Fett a nice ass kicking. I wished he said “Can you dig it Mutha fucker!!!”

Hey I think I figured out why it was called Attack of the Clones and not The Clone Wars. Because number 3 is going to be The Clone Wars. I’m thinking this because Yoda says the clone war or wars have begun at the end of the movie. Also we are lead to believe that Palpatine and Siderious are the same person. This may be true but I got an odd feeling. With all the cloning going on…possibly one is a clone of the other. Think about it Palatine spends alot of time around all the Jedi and not one sees his power in the dark side? I know the Sith cloud their senses but it makes more sense to me. I think in number 3 now that Palpatine is basically an emperor because of the emergency power awarded him by the senate…Siderious is going to take his place.

Yoda: Master Windu your skill in the force is most strong...soon strong as Yoda you will be.

Mace: I don’t need the force to kick your toothless wrinkled hobbling green ass! You dyslexic fuck.

Yoda: Master Windu I fear control the darkside is taking of you.

Mace: Ya damn right!!! And I showed yo momma 9 inches of the “Dark Side” last night.

Yoda: Talk this way not you must.

Mace: See you don’t even know what the fuck your saying. No more peace no more talking. I’m gonna kill every mother fucker I see. I’m gonna stick my light saber up someones ass!!! Siderious get ready for the ring of fire!!

Yoda: Hope Yoda see this not. Hopes not he see.

Mace: Shut the Fuck up!!! Can you dig it???

Yoda: Not I can it dig.

Mace: ??? I said SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! You can’t hear very well for having ears bigger than your dick now can you???..Hey Padme queen a nababbabooass or whatever the fuck you wanna some of the LD???

*Halo…big grin" :slight_smile:

nkeago, I enjoyed your Mace/Yoda banter, but I have to correct you on something. We are not “led to believe” that Palpatine and Sidious are the same person. They ARE the same person. Palpatine is his given name, Darth Sidious is his Sith name, just as Darth Vader is Anakin’s Sith name. Additionally, Palpatine/Sidious is also the Emperor from the original trilogy, but it sounds like you already knew that.

As far as cloning goes, you are actually on to something. At one point during his reign as Emperor, Palpatine will set up a secret citadel on some hidden planet. There, he trains students in the use of the Dark Side of the Force, but never enough so that they're as powerful as he or Vader. Also, in that citadel he has clones of himself made, hoping (in his old age) that he can find a way to transfer his sentience, etc into a younger stronger version of himself.

When Vader picks him up and throws him into a power core at the end of Jedi, Palpatine gets the extra incentive he needs; he dies only for a few moments, and then his essence is transferred into on of the clones in this citadel.

So, if they decided to make the next three movies (eps 7, 8, and 9) they would be about: Luke's establishment of a new Jedi Acadamy and Leia's introduction to her training; Han and Leia's children (Jacen and Jana) and they're training as pilots and in the Force; AND the return of the emperor and Luke's temporary conversion to the Dark Side of the Force.

One of the intresting things to note is that while Jedi of the Old Order could apparently not have any attachments, Leia begins her training after she is already married. I assume the change is for two reasons: first, the last time they enforced this rule, they wound up with Vader who wiped out most of the Jedi; and two, at this point Luke is one of the only Jedi left, so he's pretty much gotta settle for a less than perfect situation.

DAMN I am a nerd. Hope someone found this interesting.

I would also like to add that it was refreshing to see the proto stormtroopers performing competently.

Trev: I know it’s suppose to be common knowledge that Siderious and Palpatine are one in the same and most likely are. But I’m thinking there maybe some clone stuff going on. As George has changed some stuff. I see your getting your information from DarkHorse comics. I know about the emperors cloned bodies. Too bad the bad ass Xyar Kun couldn’t be there to kill them all single handedly. The other thing is most people are pissed about Boba Fett dying in Return of the Jedi by the pit creature but he escapes in the comic books. Climbs out all bloody. I am still the master nerd my young pupil.

Java: I know proficent storm troppers…guess because they are clones of Jango Fett…possibly the troppers in the other 3 movies are clones of Jar Jar??? :slight_smile:

ACTUALLY, yes, I have read many of the Dark Horse comics, however, most of my information comes not only from their, but also from the Star Wars novels (by various authors) and from the “Essential Guide” serious, ie the “Star Wars Essential Guide to Characters” which were officially lisenced by Lucas.

As far as Boba escaping, supposedly the creature which swallows him (the name escapes me at the moment and I don't want to get up to go check it out) digests it's victims over a 1000 year period. From what information I've gathered, the creature has the ability to keep it's victim alive during that time. Apparently, Boba escapes at some point. I'll get back to you with a more technical description in a while.

ATOC is much better than Phantom Menace. By the way the theater I was in went nuts when Yoda fought. You would have thought you were watching the super bowl or rock concert. I mean people literally were chearing like crazy. Look we can all rip into plenty of problemns with each of the movies. For example in Empire han solo’s brown vest appears and disappears countless times before he is frozen. Why lucas didn’t fix that when he redid the movies is beyond me and in the first movie or 4th episode Luke calls Lea by her real name Carrie when they all meet up again after destroying the death star. Bottom line though the whole batch of movies are still the best.

Yeah Boba Fett just crawls out the mouth. I saw a picture of it in a comic book. He’s too much of a badass to die so stupidly. The Darkhorse comics are really good. Okay so you probably know more since you have read the novels. :slight_smile: