I might as well stay up because I’ve got to get up for school in 2 1/2 hrs. You can read a review somewhere else, so here is a bunch of cool stuff I noticed: Jar-Jar is still a klutz, me uh…jacking it to Padme’s bare belly, Palpatine’s familiar chair, YODA IS GENERAL PATTON, Count Dooku tells Obi-Wan the truth, people play the Pod Racer video game in that bar, Lucas lifting a monster from Quake I (the video game), John Williams lifting music from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, Count Dooku getting done up by Yoda, the patented Anakin chopblock to protect his master, the 1st DeathStar blueprints, Samuel L Jackson busting in with his Jedi cavalry while playing Bring in the Funk on huge ghettoblasters … This episode makes everything that has happened in the other movies make perfect sense & ties everything together. GO SEE IT. This party is over. :-))

Forgot some stuff, it’s Give Up the Funk by the P-Funk Mob, and there’s the Millenium Falcon (or maybe just a Corelliam frigate) in a shot of a Naboo hangar.

& Anakin likes boobs.

…together. For one thing in AoTC, R2D2 flies - yes, folks I said flies - now in the area of continuity, this is rather OFF. If R2D2 can fly, how come the droid fell right smack into the bog in Empire? OR, needed help to escape Jabba’s flying ship in Return? Also, apparently Boba Fett’s pappa created some nifty gadgets in that armour they wear. Well, if that armour is so nifty, how come Bobba Fett was so easily “offed” in Return?

I can easily go on forever about how PM and AoTC have gone against the grain of continuity that had BEGUN with SW, Empire and Return. But I won't. I'm so tired of Lucas. If he doesn't care at all about the very own mythology HE began, why should I?

But, Drax, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Drax, I was also last night to the movies watching AoTC because it was run in the same time all over the world. I had the best seats in the place. :slight_smile: Anyway, the movie is just great. That’s it. He did the job well. It is good that they appointed Jar Jar to be in place of Amidala while she screws around with Anakin :), so we don’t have to watch him… too annoying if you ask me… anyway, why did they assign a water creature like him to talk like a rastafarian? Yoda kicks some major butt there. I knew from before that Yoda is the greates light sabre master among the Jedi, and I commented that it would be too comic to see him actually fight somebody. The whole cinema dropped their jaws when little green fuck pulled out his piece! Oh, another thing, Natalie Portman/Amidala is a great piece of ass… did you notice the definition in her abs? :slight_smile: Great flick!

Uhmnn… gotta disagree with you guys,… I didn’t expect too much,… but thereviews I read said that while it’s a crummy flick, the action is pretty kick ass… ya know what?! I think the action sequences in the phantom menaace (the only good parts of the film) were better. The yoda fight was damn comical (he looked like he was
being pulled around on strings!), The Jedi army gets their asses kicked but the Gungans defeated the droids in the earlier film?! Amidala mentions that she was ELECTED QUEEN?! AT 10 YEARS OLD!!! Has LUcas even watched his original trilogy?! I dunno how many of you know this, but the original star wars was lifted from an Akira Kurosawa film called the HIDDEN FORTRESS… all he did was cover it in sci-fi wallpaper. Yes, I’;m a huge fan, I f-ing grew up on those films,… but having been in the film industry myself for many years now, my few friends who actually worked on both films HATED this one (they’re all mid 30’s, so thehy grew up on the trilogy).
Believe me, I really wanted to like this,… but I’m glad I saw a matinee (sp?!) There was a lotta grumbling inthe theatre too (‘f-ing Lucas!’)

My theory is that he got lucky with the original,…(which was a stolen story), Empire (by far the best one) wasn’t directed by lucas, and when it did so well, he directed Jedi, which really kinda foreshadopwed the puppets/aim at little kids strategy that he seems to favor these days. I think he’s started to believe that hetruly is a genius, and I was much happier when I didn’t know what went before the orginal.

Well, I saw the movie on the first showing Thursday and stood in line with a bunch of real Star Wars nuts. They applauded Yoda’s fight scene and were all pleased with the movie, saying it was much better than Episode I. I liked it too, but don’t consider myself a real Star Wars freak. (They’re just movies people.) Now, if they ever remake Tron and fuck it up, I’ll be pissed!

i thought it was much improved over tpm, better story and action, and i really dig ewan mcgregor’s obi-won kenobi. fuck all of those stuck up critics, who consider incredibly lame idenpendent movies and dull-ass dramas like the english patient “high art.” i was entertained and i enjoyed the story-line, some people just don’t know how to appreciate something a little different.

Fuck the critics. They like all those weird ass movies that nobody else likes.

natalie portman–did you see the funbags on that hosehound? and those abs. yummy. yoda kicks some major ass. explains everything. to bad we gotta wait 3 more years…

AotC is a much better movie that TPM. IMO,
TPM was such a bad movie that is didn’t even
deserve to be called a “Star Wars” movie. AotC
is perhaps not as good as ESB, but at least
it is good enough to deserve being called a
“Star Wars” movie. The action scenes, special
effects and story line a great. Some of the
acting is good (obi-wan, count dooku), some
of it is bad (padme) and some is in-between
(anikin). The worst parts are the love scenes
between Anikin and Padme - they are awkward,
contrived and completely unbelievable. I mean,
one minute she’s telling him to get lost, the
next she’s telling him she loves him. Give me
a break. Yes, there were a few inconsistancies
in the storyline (maybe R2D2s flying rockets
were removed after Ep 3?), but Lucas mostly
manages to keep the story together. Overall, I
think the good parts outweigh the bad parts.
And you gotta go see it just to see the giant
Jedi fight, and to see “Ninja Yoda” in action.
Oh, yeah, and Natalie Portman does have some
tasty ab shots in the stadium sequence.

First of all, the critics gripe with AoTC is NOT that it is SO new - it’s that it is a bunch of “rehashed” cliches (both dialogue and plot devices) that are being used here. And well, that’s no surprise. Even though Lucas got Hale to “finish” the script (that Lucas wrote) - it still contains a unbelievable and juvinile romance at it’s core. And the romance is very integral to the whole mythology of Star Wars.

Check out: Reviews.asp?

This review, in my opinion is dead-one right. But this site, is usually pretty dead-on. BTW: the critics LOVED The Matrix (which alot of them found to be not so "new" but "different"). I found it to be okay at best. It also contained a ton of elements garnered from previous (ALOT of previous) films - but it also had the Waschowski brothers at the helm. And I consider them to be much better writer/directors than Lucas (check out "Bound" -amazing flick).

Maybe the terrible writing of the ‘romance’ sections of the film explains why Lucas had to adopt his kids.

First off, Natalie Portman has a great set of abs. I thought 2 things that made this movie awful were Hayden Christiansen(sp?) and the dialog. This guy was just awful. Possibly the worst acting done for a big role I can remember. The dialog(especially at the beginning) seemed like it was a recording of the old trilogy spun together at random. The few blatant attempts at comic relief were awful. But I must say that seeing Yoda fight was pretty funny even though it wasn’t supposed to be. I thought Samuel Jackson needed more lines, but he had far more than what he had in Phantom Menace so maybe he will be in nearly every scene in the final movie. Some people disagree with me but I think the Darth Maul was better than Dooku. The final fight from Phantom Menace was much better than the final fight from AoTC. I guess I just preferred seeing a martial artist(Ray Park) mix it up rather than some guy in his 70’s. Overall I didn’t like either of the last 2 movies but I am not as big a fan of the original 3 as others are so that may have something to do with it. For example I saw the movie with 2 pretty big fans and they both liked it even though they agreed with every problem I had with the movie. Now that I have put my disclaimer like everyone else I can click on post message.

I just wanted to add my take on a few things…

First off, I don't think the love scenes were bad; I think they were perfect. If you look at it correctly, they were written awkwardly on purpose. Keep in mind that Anikin is something like 17 or 18 years old. His poorly delivered cheesy lines are pretty realistic for a teenaged boy who's first attempt at love it is. There were certain lines that he delivered that were just plain awful I can remember delivering lines of my own that were just as bad =) That's just part of being young. Sure, maybe a Jedi is supposed to be a bit smoother than your average bumbling teenager, but still, a kid is a kid.

Also, I think too many people are forgetting the purpose of the love story. The main purpose of Anikins romance with Padme is not to illustrate his romance with Padme, but his romance with the Dark Side. Anikin's main problem as a Jedi is that he cannot let go of things--his arrogance, his crush, his mother, etc--and it pulls him away from his life as a Jedi. Therefore, the love story is mainly supposed to serve as a vehicle for the explaination of how and why Anikin will eventually turn. Pursuing a romance--by all the laws of Jedi forbidden--is not merely the reckless act of a lovestruck youth, but also a decisive act of defiance by a person who will come to institute a Jedi Purge.

So, again, while the acting may not have been the greatest in the history of the world (a generous understatement, some of you will say) a little perspective on the overall story will hopefully redeeem the picture somewhat.

Either that, or this post is just the rambling of a 20 year old Star Wars nerd.

P.S. They should have had Sam L. say "muthafucka" at least once.

Begun this pissing contest has.

Hee hee. - TEK

Mace Windu: What does Yoda look like?

Guy in chair: Uh, he’s green… short…

Mace Windu: Does he look like a bitch?

Guy in chair: What?

Mace Windu cuts guy in chair’s arm off with his light saber

Mace Windu: Does he look like a bitch??

Guy in chair: No!!

Mace Windu: Then why are you tryin’ to fuck him like one?

Okay, so I guess they left that scene out. As for the rest of the movie - great action scenes, great visuals, lousy acting, lousy plot. Natalie Portman’s high beams and Yoda fighting pretty much made the movie for me.

Here’s another one for you, right before Mace goes into battle.

“Hand me my lightsaber, its the one that says “bad-motherfucker” on it”.

Spanky, I too thought that scene should have been included along with N’Sync acting as Jedis and being killed in the arena against the androids(LOL). Also, I think another scene(that I pray would make it into the final one) goes like this:
Mace Windu: Hand me my lightsaber!
dumbfounded extra: Which one is it?
Mace Windu: The one that says “Bad Mothafucka.”

If these 2 scenes would make it into the final movie(even as deleted scenes on the dvd) I would consider naming my first born after George Lucas(LMAO)… OK maybe not, but I would become an eternal Lucas fan but right now I really don’t care for just about anything he’s directed.

Stu, buddy, not to nustle you up and bust your sizable balls or anything, but the Gungans did NOT beat the Trade Fed. droid army in TPM. If you remember correctly, the gungan sheild got the kibosh and sent the whole gang of sea lovin’ bastards a scamperin’. The droid army was only dimantled AFTER Anakin cremated the battle station.