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AOL service

Is it just my personal account, or does AOL make a joke out of itself by:

   1.Advertizing anti-popup software while spamming my entire goddamn window with popups advertizing AOL's new and improved update, with 1250 hours free, call waiting, DSL, and so forth and so forth?

   2.News headlines in AOL's main window aren't readable. Words are missing, sentences are incomplete, I dont know whats going on.

   3.Disconnects at the precise moment im doing something important. 


Yea, AOl has crappy service. I think the only reason I still have their service is because it is a pain having to change my email address for everyting.

I really like their broadband service.

I stick to AIM because my fiance has AOL<<
if that’s the only reason, you don’t need AOL. I don’t use AOL, but have the AOL instant messenger. it’s free.

Why would anyone still use AOL??? I hear excuses from those that do, but none of them are substantial enough to make them keep using it!

AOL sucks! I never used them, never will! Besides, with Cable and DSL connections, there is no reason to keep AOL. Sign up for a free email account or get one through your cable or DSL provider!

If you’re paying for dialup, at least find a company that only charges $10 a month for unlimited access rather than AOL and others! That’s crazy! I only use AOL IM to chat with friends, and that program is free! No need to have AOL!