AOC the Idiot Goes After a Defacto Pharma Murderer

Judging by Mr. O’Day’s age his parents have passed. That is probably a good thing as they don’t have to witness what a monster their son turned out to be. I remember seeing a longer clip of this and republican morons Chip Roy and Jim Jordan were sticking up for this piece of shit. While the Democrats are awful, they mostly can’t compare to the Republican death cult. The anything for money philosophy. Shareholder concerns must come first. Fuck the consequences!

I don’t normally agree with AOC, but she’s right about being pissed off about big pharma profiting from publicly funded research.

That aside the reason why some drugs are so much cheaper in Australia than in the US is because Australia has the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. It provides heavily subsidised medicine. The govt still has to pay the full price, via the tax payer. Big pharma still gets all the money it asks for.

I disagree with the Pharma stance of the Australian government but at least the public is not suffering, moving backwards in life and dying for profits.