AOC and Ted, BFFs

Interested to see what happens with this.

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My guess? Absolutely nothing. Maybe some bad PR for a few pols who clearly want to be lobbyists and make millions after retiring.

I’m thinking this has about the same chance to pass as term limits

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AOC is WAY over her head.

She ain’t seen bullshit until she see’s what “Ole’ Lyin’ Ted” can spew from his mouth with the fervor of a White Southern Preacher on Sunday morning after a night with a bunch of Black Mississippi Hookers…


Yeah, you may be on to something. Her mingling with an old pro like Ted is possibly a setup to be schooled. She’s got ideas and a fresh face. He’s got decades of experience and knows procedure.
She could end up getting a face full of “No”, “You can’t do that”, “It’s got to go to committee first”, “No, you actually have to work on this and be specific.” “We’ll need that briefing tomorrow”, “Oh yeah, 50 reps added and amended your bill, now you have to rework it.”

She pretty much covered all of this by explicitly saying “without partisan handouts and poison pills” and Ted agreed. If he tries LITERALLY ANYTHING she can walk away from a bill that was already never going to drum up the votes (because, duh) and smear the GOP for backstabbing and games.

Getting him to try to sneak shit into the bill is literally the only realistic goal of the story. It’s not like it’s ever going to pass in a pure form.

It won’t be him. He’s a senator and She’s a rep. It will be the reps who pork up the bill.

Also, Nancy Pelosi hates her guts. It’s not Ted or Republicans she has to worry about. Meanwhile Ted gets to say he reached accross the aisle.

Sure it will. He’s already promised to support a bill with no amendments etc. All she has to do is propose it.

That’s silly, and not at all how Congress really works in the real world, but you have a theoretical point.

She doesn’t have to worry about anyone. She has nothing to lose here

That’s not a bad point. When it fails to get the votes it won’t look bad on Ted, but rather the GOP as a whole. I’m guessing they can get the vast majority of the dems to vote Yes, knowing the safe Dems and Republicans would be enough for a no. Political damage with no Dem drawback for nothing, spawned by Ted Cruz and AOC

Seriously? Reps add add shit to bills all the time. Then it has to go back to committee and get trimmed before it’s ready to vote. Since it will likely never reach the Senate, Ted has his feet up with Kentucky bourbon. He had nothing to lose by talking to her and she has to do all the work until it passes or more likely fails.

Don’t equate a failed bill with AOC failing. She comes out looking good no matter what.


And since it was explicitly agreed upon to be a clean bill, obviously anyone that adds anything is just shooting themselves in the foot. Let the GOP try to add tons of additions. It’ll just show they couldn’t act in good faith AND that Cruz has lost all clout with Congress

What work? All she has to do is suggest a clean bill with no additions. The second a person adds ANYTHING it’s pure bad PR on only that person.

Exactly. She has literally nothing to lose. She doesn’t have to even work towards a bill because it was already agreed upon to be clean

I’m inclined to agree. I also suspect that any such bill would be deemed unconstitutional by the current court, so both can claim they tried with very little repercussion.

Why would it be unconstitutional to ban Congress from lobbying jobs?

I suspect that a challenge could be mounted against it under 1st amendment grounds. I’ve read conflicting opinions on it.

A more primary complaint would be that you’re asking turkeys to vote for Christmas, so we shall likely never have need to resort to court to find out.

If a lifetime ban of being a lobbyist is unconstitutional wouldn’t the standing 2 year delay ban also be unconstitutional? For the same reasons?

Yeah agreed. Imo about as likely to actually happen as term limits.

A lifetime ban would be more difficult to justify under any constitutional review, I’d imagine. That’s certainly my experience with constitutional review generally (not necessarily US review).

Fair enough. I am not going to try to predict the future, just hedging my bets on the way things usually work. Bills are almost never clean. Hell, they couldn’t get a clean federal disaster assistance bill through with bi-partisan support.

If AOC is the one proposing the bill, it’s exactly as clean as she says it is. Then she can start the smear campaign against all the people who voted against it.

It’s not like you can just add things to a bill against the wishes of the person who brings it to the floor.

For what it’s worth, I agree with the bill…

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Same here. I just don’t think there will be enough legit pols left in Congress that don’t one day want that juicy lobbyist paycheck.

Has Paul Ryan left office yet? I bet the concept is making him shake after he got tax cuts and IMMEDIATELY quit politics to work for fox news.