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Anyway to Avoid HGH Sides?

on hgh. went from 1.5 iu 5 days on 2 off tapered up over several weeks to 3 iu a day.

Terrible hand numbness, carpel tunnel and water retention with some joint pain.

I got 2 more full kits i dont want to waste. I really want to run it for 6 months to help with some injuries, but the numbness and the bloat is killing me.
Joint pain is managable, but carpel tunnel and hand numbs are tough.

So i backed down to 1.5 again and it is somewhat better. Maybe. Anything any help please.

Dont really want to come off. But if i got to come off for a while and start back up later i will.


Have you checked out the thread regarding BBB’s HGH protocol?

You could try 2iu 3 times per day, every other day.

Well, it comes down to being your decision as to how conservative or risk-taking you want to be.

Your problem is caused by GH stimulating growth which has resulted in nerve compression.

Stimulating further such growth will worsen the problem.

There may be a dose that is useful for your other concerns but which won’t stimulate growth in any ways that will further compress any nerves already having such problems. Or there may not be.

Generally speaking total doses per week of about 10-12 IU usually don’t cause carpal tunnel or neuropathy (nerve pain.) However that is in subjects who weren’t already suffering the condition, and likely weren’t right on the edge of it either, and who therefore likely had a margin of error, so to speak. You are not in that position. You have no margin of error.

So it might be that you could get away with total weekly dosages such as that, or maybe not.

Myself, I did not get carpal tunnel from 4 IU/day of GH use, but did get other neuropathy. Even with stopping completely, it took many weeks for it to go away. Of course I have no way of knowing if it would have gone away at the same slow speed, or would have continued, had I dropped to a protocol such as you are using now.

Some say that pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) helps. This was not the case for me, but who knows, can’t hurt to try it. But if you were already getting plenty of pyridoxine in bb’ing related supplements, yet more would I think be extremely unlikely to do anything.

thanks bill.
i will try dropping to 1 iu 2xs a day 5 on 2 off. See what happens.

Also i have searched for the bbb thread about hgh protocol. Im not having luck findin it.

Any link or specific name to do the search?

Here you go

I also had some trouble finding this, the search criteria is limited, you might also want to read the “Cortes” post on the HGH Experiment.

[quote]albig wrote:
thanks bill.
i will try dropping to 1 iu 2xs a day 5 on 2 off. See what happens.

Also i have searched for the bbb thread about hgh protocol. Im not having luck findin it.

Any link or specific name to do the search?[/quote]

What exactly are you using it for - as in what results do you desire? I only ask as i can not see the results from SC use of 1iu 2x/day over 5 days per week being worth very much… I would have expected to get similar results from a carb controlled, high protein diet!

anti aging, fat burning, skelatal muscle growth, and healing. I have read 1.5iu daily is good for antiaging etc.
2iu daily for fat burning. I just cant take 3 iu or more ED i know my body isnt tolerating it.

Main reason though is muscle tendon repair and healing etc.

OK… thenm i would say that 2iu would be beneficial for you - it is just as low a dose as it gets really in physique enhancement.

I personally would re-prehab for carpal tunnel, strengthening and stretching the wrists etc (after a break from the GH to remove the pain of course).

Then start low and build up again, once a good level of integrity has been built - though of course this would take time - not a matter of a couple of weeks.

The OP doesn’t seem to consider a break from the GH to be an “of course” despite the severity of his problem.

nah i do i have listened to you. i dropped the gh for now. still waking up numb ams, numb thumb and first 2 fingers. hate stopping the gh, but the numbness is killing me.
i guess stay off till the numbeness leaves?

I would myself. (And did in my own case.)

As mentioned before, I can’t say for sure that the problem wouldn’t also resolve in the same time at a low dose, but neither do I know that it would.

It may take a while.

Best wishes for a good recovery, certainly. I would expect you will recover fully, as you didn’t keep going at the problem-causing dose and are now stopping pretty shortly after the problem developed.

And when it does (heal), look into the rehab protocols for carpal tunnel syndrome, it isn’t complex; stretching, strengthening etc… and once you understand a condition like that it helps a lot to avoid it - or at least curb its progression - in the future.