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Smolov jr is the 3 week one right?

Ya, I had to look it up after he mentioned it, it’s funny because I had decided to statr all my workouts with 225x5x5, and then max out on squat day. This is pretty much what Smolov will have me doing. I like to write my own programs, but somtimes a fresh set of eyes helps. It’s just bumming me out, I thought I’d get further weight wise before things slowed to a hault, Squat sucks right now, I hope this helps. On the plus side it feels like I could keep adding 10lbs a week to my dead, with no end in sight. My dead just keeps getting stronger, and faster every week. The othe side of the coin is muscle mass, and my body is changing by the week, in a good way, so other than my squat, every other aspect of my training is working bang on. Acording to my friend Ian, A couple cycles 6-9 weeks of Smolov should get my squat moving, and back where it should be. I want atleast a 400 at my mock meet in Dec, was hoping for 450, we shall see latter
On a up not, ran into a BBing friend the other day, he said I was looking huge. I told him I was training for 1500, he started lauging, didn’t believe I couldn’t do this already. This is what I hate right now, I love the compliment, but I hate for the first time in my life, looking sronger than I really am. Working hard to rectify this.

Oct. 7 Day 1 Smolov for squat, plus bench workout
Squat, 250x5x6,
bench------Rev bench

DB sested clean, and Press

on the squat, I used 14`` bucket to set depth, this is an inch and a half lower than normal, but if Im starting back at square one with squat, might as well get a little more depth. I dont box squat, its just touch and go, so I know Im getting depth when I train alone. Ive seen alot of guys over the years loose depth as the weight gets heavier, without realizing it. This way I know Im good. I like squatting before regular workout, felt good. I didnt loose strength, if anything I gained some strength. Last week I got 300x3 in bench, this week I got 300x5. Im going to give this a 3 week trial spin, then deload smolov, and 531 on the same week, and if I feel good Ill continue on from there. The two programs seem to work well togeather, theyre both bsed on 3weeks, and my dead, and bench move forward no matter what program Im on, its my squat I struggle on, so hopefully this evens things out. Latter

You’ll be in my prayers throughout the smolov cycle

I’m going to bastartize it a little, before all my workouts I’ll do 5 sets of squats, what ever percentage smolov calls for, like this
day 1, squat 5x6–70%----245, Bench, and assitance— suposed to be 6 sets
day2, off
day 3, squat 5x5–75%----265, cleans, and assitance— suposed to be 7 sets
day4, off
day 5, squat 5x4–80%----275, military, and assitance-- suposed to be 8 sets
day 6, off
day 7, Squat day, squats 10x3—85%— 300, Deads if I’m up to it
day 8, off

So I’m changeing it a littlle through the week, so I can still progress with other lifts, but get volume on squats, Hopefully be able to add 5lbs a week, but if not when I can. After 3 weeks, I’m hoping to take a week off, and than do another 3 week cycle much like 531. It won’t be exactly by the week as I train 1on, 1off, so my training is based on 8 day cycle, but after 3 run throughs, I’ll take a week completely off squatting, while I deload my other lifts. I know everyone freaks whem you mess with 531, or other programs, but I’ve been doing thios along time, and know my body pretty well. At this point it’s all speculation, till I fininsh a few weeks, and see how it feels. If no one did stuff like this, there’d never be any new programs. You have to expieriment once in a while, especialy when you hit a plateau, as I did with my squat, here’s hoping it works.
Chobbs, you haven’t said if you’ve tried Smolov or not, lol you sound afraid of it. Latter

What’s up. Just popping in to say hey.

[quote]AnytimeJake wrote:
I’m going to bastartize it a little, before all my workouts I’ll do 5 sets of squats, what ever percentage smolov calls for, like this

So I’m changeing it a littlle through the week, so I can still progress with other lifts, but get volume on squats[/quote]
I don’t mean to step on your toes right off the bat, but this sounds like a bad idea. I 100% understand the instinct to tweak things. It’s the nature of being a trainer. But you need to trust the program, do it as written, and just let it happen.

For the last 9 months (and for the rest of this year), I’m only doing programs from here on the site, following them exactly as written, because I have a habit of doing what you’re doing right now. I second guess myself or try to tweak routines as I go, but it was getting counter-productive and distracting. My “how do you train” thread talking about some of the stuff I’ve been doing:

You know Smolov works. You know you want to increase your squat. Put two and two together, get out of your head, buckle down, and stick to the plan. You’ll be happy with what happens.

I fully understand this, like I said, but there are times when you/I/we need to take off the trainer hat and basically just be a client doing what we’re told to do. At least give it a go as-is first, and then tweak it on the next go’round. You’ll have a little better insight as to what works for you and what doesn’t. Just a suggestion.

Either way, best of luck with the training and goals. I missed it, but is there a specific meet you have in mind? Maybe looking around and finding, so you can circle a date on the calendar, might give you another reminder to go balls out with the training (not that you aren’t already though).

Ya got called in to work to day, so I don’t think I’ll be doing the clean workout. Been an Iron worker for 20yrs now, but since the fall, and with the gym, training, and everything else I have on the go, I don’t do to much with the union anymore. A couple times a year they call me for shut down work, usually for 3-6 weeks, and the moneys to good to turn down. This time I don’t have to live in a hotel :slight_smile: First couple days back doing steel are hell on the body, so I’ll probably take pretty close to a week off from lifting.

This is part of the reason, I don’t usually do planed deloads, and layoffs, because when you have a hetic life things seem to pop up, and deloads/layoffs happen. I just finished 10hrs, and I’m beat right now, alot of strain on my back, and hams, bent over working at your feet, and alot of lifting. Probably squeeze a workout or two this weekend.

Chris thanks for dropping by, I apreciate your opinion. We don’t always see eye to eye, but thats why I wanted you top drop by once in awhile. At this point in my life, I’m surounded by people that do what I say, or agree with me. It’s great most of the time, and I earned it, but somtimes I need to here the other side of the arguement/opinion

As far as 531 I’ve been using it on me and my guys going on 5yrs, so I’m pretty comfy shuffling things around within that template. Your probably right with the smolov though, atleast for the first while I should just folow it as written, and see how that works. I am using it for a different purpose than it was designed though, so I’ll have to see. Smolov is used as a peaking tool for bringing up a lift for a meet. I’m using it as a repeated workout template (like 531) to try and bring my squats up with the rest of my lifts. We shall see. I have a mock meet at the end of Dec. that we do every year, all the kids test they’re maxes (most don’t PL) So I’m going to do that, then once I know my total, I’ll find a meet. I’ll project my new total for said meet, and set up a percentage based program to get me there. Thats the plan, We shall see. Latter

Thurs. Oct 10, worked 11hrs today, done been a hard week, but I thought f$ck it got to squeeze in clean workout so I can push this weekend. got home ate poped a black coffee, and went at her
Squat and curls
Cleans------TRX falloutswith BW french press (awesome exercise I’ll explain latter, with vids)
135x5-----mex20, crazzy tri pump already
BBcurl------standing latterals
135x5------10sx40–only do top 1/2 of latteral, strict and slow, crazy pump n burn
135x5------10sx40 Only did curls like this because 135 was on the bar from cleans, so what the hell !
Glad I did this workout even though I was tired, once I started I got into it, and kicked some ass. I’ll pay tomorow for the TRX Fallout/headcavers they always make my tri’s scream the next day, but I love them. Tri’s are my best body part, I hardly traimn them, and they just hang like loafs of bread :slight_smile: It’s late, and the ol lady wants some loven tonight, so I gota squeeze that 12min in before bed. Latter

Sat, Oct 13. Smolov squat/ military workout

squat 275x5x4

75’ incline-----DB row, Old school hand, and knee on a box keeping my back level, and flat (wasn’t into chins today)

DB seated Clean and Press------30s x 23

Solid workout, another one in the books. Today was the first day where i really didn’t feel like squatting, but I loosened up after first set, squats feeling solid. i know there was some talk a few posts back about altering the Smolov program, and I went back and forth on it, in the end I went with my gut, I mean I have over 20yrs in the trenches. This program was written to be done for one cycle leading into a contest, and I’m going to be doing it over, and over, hopefully year round with proper deloads. Smolov calls for 30-36 reps in the 80% range this is twice what Prilenpin’s recomends, which over the long hall might lead to a dark place. I’m still going to be squatting every workout ( 4x’s a week) but I’m going to keep the reps to Prilenpin’s, and basicaly what I was doing 16-24 range, total per workout.

At the end of the day I hate cookie cutter programs I don’t use them, and don’t recomend them. In my whole life, I’ve come across mabey six programs worth holding on to, and using. Until 531, the program I used to base eveything around was 5x5 Bill Star, and thats 50yrs old, Dan John, and Charles Stately, have solid ideas, I can tell were actually invented in a gym. Most of the programs I read, I know weren’t gym tested, or invented, Programs heve to have adjustability or they won’t work. In lifting nothing is set in stone, If I had two twin brother’s with identical goals, but one worked construction, and one worked in an office, I’d have different programs for both, but the author’s of the programs I see all over want you to believe they’ll work on everyone. Anyone that does they’re program to the letter will get big and huge, and if not, it’s because youi didn’t follow the program exactly, or take the right sups. Bullshit. the point is, the longer you’ve been training, the more guidelines you develop. You might not have an exact program, but you have guidelines you believe, that you know work. It’s late, and I’m babling, so mabey tomorrow if up to it, I’ll list my guidlines, and see if anyone wants to add some. Whatever Latter

[quote]AnytimeJake wrote:
Bullshit. the point is, the longer you’ve been training, the more guidelines you develop. You might not have an exact program, but you have guidelines you believe, that you know work. It’s late, and I’m babling, so mabey tomorrow if up to it, I’ll list my guidlines, and see if anyone wants to add some.[/quote]

I’d like to read that when you get it up. And just saying hi; I pop in this log now and again, although I’ve never said anything until now.

Man Jim Wendler must be pulling his hair out with all these stupid questions lately, the forms are full, it’s 531 pandamoniom. If I go to answer some question, with a common sense answer, form 20yrs of lifting/coaching, I get slamed with thats not how Jim wrote it, if it’s noit in the book it’s not 531 :0 Fu4king whiners.

I think that alot of coaches were doing somthing real similar to 531 when it came out, i know I was, but 531 wraps it all up nice and neat. I remember when a kid brought in a computer stick with 531 on it, and us reading it togeather. At the time we were doing a upper/lower split. Where we ramped up in 5s till we couldn’t get 5 (get stuck at 3-4) then drop 10% and get 3x5, then drop an additional 10% and do one all out set, ands move to assistance.

So 531 wasn’t a stretch, it’s close to what I think most coaches were doing. After years of coaching Bill Star’s 5x5, and doing PLing percentage based programs themselves. Jim was the genius that packaged it all up, and that makes him a smart man, a good coach, and a top level PLer, but GOD, haha come on now, he’s just a guy that speaks his mind, and believes in common sense, and wrote a nice solid program.

when a guy can get elevated to GOD status for writing a program that works, whats that say about all the other programs out there. Ya makes you think, 531 is the best program since 5x5 haha 30yrs lot of junk in between.
LoRez, hey thanks I’ll get to that latter, after a few coffee’s just couldn’t believe all the 531 question’s on the forms when I turned my computer on this morning. I don’t think it’s so much because 531 is so great, but that all the other programs out there are so bad :slight_smile: Latter

Dave Tate wisdom;
Conversion charts are bullshit.
Not only is every lifter different, but also bodybuilding produces a much different type of strength than powerlifting. Bodybuilding conditions you to perform 8 rep sets but does jack shit for your limit strength or your explosiveness. You have to give yourself time to relearn that type of training before jumping into what you ?should? be lifting. I never did, and I paid for it.

The more I read and the more I ?learned,? the more I changed programs. As a result, rather than ?fine tuning? or ?tweaking? my progress, I made no progress. In hindsight, I would?ve been better off just picking a decent program and sticking with it until mastering it.

I see people making this mistake all the time, especially the young guys coming up in the information era, where every lifter and his mother have their log posted online.

These guys leap from program to program like frogs leaping from lily pad to lily pad. They?re following a solid program until some other frog croaks about a new Conjugate Eastern Bloc hybrid that they?re making great gains off of, so they ditch what they?re doing and leap to the next lily pad.

Jumping from lily pad to lily pad is okay until you miss. When you do, you better know how to swim.
I tell guys that the smart frog ignores all the other frogs and just swims underneath the lily pads to the other side. Pick a good program and follow it to the letter until you master it. So when you?re on the other side of the pond happily eating bugs, the rest of the frogs will still be jumping from lily pad to lily pad.

Sure, some of the pad jumpers will make it over to eat bugs beside you, but most will just keep missing, and all you?ll hear is the ?ribbit ribbit ribbit? of a pond full of frogs blaming everything but themselves for still being stuck on the pads.

this guy had better gear, that guy had better drugs, that federation had messed up rules, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.
During my first phase of training I used the same program for basically five years and it was tremendously successful. When I finally got to Westside, I did that program for 12 years ? and learned it from a guy who was using it for 20 years before I got there. That?s an important lesson, and it leads into my final point.
Strength training is a massive learning circle.

There?s a massive learning curve to strength training, but it?s more like a ?learning circle.?
At the bottom, when you?re new, you know nothing. You?re this giant idiot and you just do what bigger guys tell you to do, and as long as those guys aren?t retarded you?ll make gains and progress up the circle.

This wide middle part of the circle is where a lot of guys are. They?re kind of strong and they?ve got some scars, but the main thing they have is an education. They?ve read everything. They have degrees. They have a stack of journals on their desk and a dozen forums they help moderate. They can talk the pros and cons of every periodization modality and jaw about the old Soviet coach they met at a conference. They think they?re masters.

What they don?t realize is that they?re not all that. They?re not masters ? in fact, they?re still idiots, cause they haven?t done anything or lifted anything. But good luck telling them that. After all, they?ve got degrees and certifications and a lot of Facebook friends.

They need to be humbled before they can move on. They need to have their asses handed to them, their pride beaten like an unwanted dog. They need to wake up one day and look in the mirror and realize that this craft they?ve devoted their life to has gotten the best of them. They have to realize that they really don?t know shit.

It?s when they?re at rock bottom and ready to quit; that?s when they?re ready to move up. That bottom is really the beginning. That?s when the real understanding begins to take shape ? when you realize you know nothing is when you begin to learn and move forward.

When I headed to Westside, it wasn?t like I ?graduated? to that system. I didn?t hit some amazing total and Louie Simmons swept in and gave me a diploma. I was a broken down mess with a torn pec and wrecked back and was done with the whole frickin? sport. But that?s what I needed. My body had to be broken before my mind could move on.

----Awesome Quote—
"Jazz legend Charlie Parker said, ?Master the instrument, master the music. Then, forget all that shit and play.?

You?ve read the books. Now learn the trade. It took me years of training and journal reading to realize that I didn?t know a damn thing.

Sun, Oct 15 Thanksgiving (Canada) lots of turkey, and rest, thank god it’s been a hard couple weeks. I got called back to work (iron work) was trying to shingle my roof during every spare min, and started Smolov for my squat. like I said a hard couple weeks, but the roofs 95% done, my body is adjusting back to the work, and the Smolov squat wasn’t as tough as I had heard, in fact I enjoy it. i like squatting every time I step foot in the gym. Bang out some heavy squats, then do my regular workout, feels like I’m stronger after i squat first. Anyway ;

Smolov Squat Day 4
Squat-------Incline DB curls
305x6–Quick drop to 225x11 Thats it, Once i’ve adjusted to all this I plan on deadlifting on this day after I squat, but i’ll wait till my body adjusts to all the squatting. It’s one of my rules, When in doubt, leave it till the next workout. If you don’t think your up to somthing, your probably not, it’s better to fight another day. latter

GUIDE LINES ! We all have these, rules we’ve picked up, or made up over the years. When we look at a new program, we judge it by how it fits our guide lines. Acording to Jim Wendler these make up our training METHODOLIGY ! LOL No matter what I’m doing training wise I try not to break these, I’ve been training hard for 20yrs, and I’ve picked up quite a few.

When I was 20 I thought by the time I was 40 I’d be competing for the words strongest man, but life had other plans. An 80ft fall that almost killed me, and took years to over come. An addiction that almost killed me, and took years to over come. Three EX wives and a few kids along the way. opening my own gym, and building a training clientel. All these things kept me from truely reching the strength goals I’d set for myself early on, but through it all I did continue to train as hard as I could, and now at 40 I finaly have the time, money, and energy to put it all togeather, so when I’m 60 I should be competing for the worlds strongest man :slight_smile:

Here’s my list I hope other’s that pop in will add some of they’re own guide lines. I’m only going to start with a couple, and add more through out my log

#1 Never train more days a week than you rest, 4 days a week being the most days a week I’d train, having a day for military, isn’t to taxing, and allows for a forth day, or 3 days a week plus an assitance day

#2 Always err on the side of caution, when in doubt—don’t. This is a big one, in 20yrs of lifting I’ve never had a weight lifting injury. If I’m not sure I can get 8 reps, then I get 7 and go home. I’ll get 8 next time. If I hurt myself today, then I can’t train next week

#3 Build workouts around a big lift, not the other way around. Took me awhile to figure this one out. now I have a bench day where i also train suporting/assiting muscles. Not a chest day where I also train the bench

#4 Strength is king. Speed is cool, size is cool, volume is cool, but strength is king. All the other things need to be trained, but strength needs to come first, somtimes I get caught up with a cool program focusing on one of the others, and I have to remind myself this.

#5 Four lifts per session. This is a personal one, but I teach it to my kids. Every so often you find your workout becomes cluttered with all kinds of exercises. Four is max, you have to have a limit, four is mine.

#6 Cover your basics, just like #5 things creep in, but at the end of the day Progressive resistance on big basic exercises is the core. Also Good food, and Good sleep support progressive resistance. Make sure these 3 are covered well before even thinkinmg of anything else.

#7 Food, Food, Food, Eat, Eat, Eat In 20yrs of coaching I’ve never had a kid that ate enough, not once, but they were all on creatin. I track my workouts closely. In 20yrs Ive tried lots of supps, I will only try one at a time, and for at least 6 weeks, and in 20yrs i’ve never had anything effect my numbers in any way !!! I eat alot, and I drink 3 litters of milk a day, I take a boat load of fish oils, and I add in whey protien mix to replace milk when I’m trying to lean out. For 20yrs I’ve been eatting a dozen eggs a day, every day, and at 40 my blood works fine, no bad colesteral, and thats with 3 litters of milk, and a dozen eggs a day. I have had lots of kids over the years that just by adding a dozen eggs a day, and not changing anything else. A month latter they’re friends are asking them if they’re using juice #7 is more food

#8 Plyos for speed work. Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of things for speed work form bands, and chains to using the smith machine to throw and catch a weight, but I always end up back at plyos. For speed training to be effective it has to be consistant, and plyos are easy to add in between sets of big lifts. We do jumps (long jumps,1,2 legs) and bench push offs. If you do 3 push offs between every set of bench and military, thats 30 push offs twice a week, that you didn’t even notice doing. Between all sets of big lifts including warmups, do 3-5 explosive plyos. An easy way to take care of speed work.

Thats it for now, got to get back on the roof, if I think of more I’ll add them in along the form. Like to here a few from other people. Latter

[quote]AnytimeJake wrote:
For 20yrs I’ve been eatting a dozen eggs a day, every day, and at 40 my blood works fine, no bad colesteral, and thats with 3 litters of milk, and a dozen eggs a day. I have had lots of kids over the years that just by adding a dozen eggs a day, and not changing anything else. A month latter they’re friends are asking them if they’re using juice

How do you generally eat your dozen eggs? Just mix them up and drink it raw,or do you cook them?

I cook them, I haven’t had a raw egg since i was a kid, lol. Most days (90% of the time) I sart my day by throwing a frozen bag of mixed veggies in a big skillet with a dozen eggs a cook them up togeather, and eat that at 2-3 sittings through out the morning. I also keep a bunch boiled up in the fridge to eat on the run. I’ll also nuke or fry a couple through out the day for sandwiches. When you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s not hard to get 12 in trough the day. Only at first it seems like alot.

If I fry them I use Grape seed oil, or real butter, because this can be where the bad colesteral comes from “Trans fat” not from the egg it self. Eggs have colesteral in them, but the body doesn’t make colesteral from colesteral, it makes it from Trans fat. The colesteral from an egg just gets pushed through the body because we have no use for it, thats what I’ve been told, and I think I’m living proof of that !

I went out to rake the lawn, and thought of a few more
#9 I believe in 3mth cycles. When trying a new program or using an old one. Go for 3mths, then decide whether to switch up the program or run it for another 3mths. If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing for 3mths. I’ve been doing this one since I started lifting./ Thanks to Sturat mc Roberts
#10 Monkey rule. I teach this one to my kids. It dosn’t matter what you believe about evolution, either way we’re similar to a monkey, so when I see a new exercise I ask myself would a monkey have a reason to do this in the wild. I’ve been doing this one since I stared lifting as well, and because of it I have never done a fly in my life, also Leg ext. pushing, or pulling behind my neck, upright rows, and a whole bunch of other lifts. I believe this rule is a big part of the reason I’ve never had a gym related injury. (I will ocasionaly do a set of incline DB flys to streatch out my chest, when I’m feeling rolled forward, and tight, mabey5-6 times in my life)

#11 I believe most people should find 8-12 exercises they enjoy, and that feel right for them, and stick to those 8-12 for life. Slowly trying to get stronger on those exercises over a liftime. Most people don’t want to compete as a BBer, just look good on the beach, and will make faster progress without so much variety. Couple pushes, couple pulls, couple leg exercises + a curl, and a latteral variation. Spend your life getting stronger on these in different combinations, for quicker results, and less chance of injury.
#12 The best Pe Hab is a balanced build. So many athletes have asked me about Pre Hab, or my lack of it over the years. I believe in a 2 to 1 ratio for pulls and pushes, on both upper, and lowert body. Balanced joints, posture, and body is the best Pre Hab against injurys in, and out of the gym. keep in mind I don’t train any athletes over 24yrs, so we do no Pre Hab. My job is to make them strong and balanced from head to toe. I pay big attention to they’re posture, both pelvic, and shoulders, and make sure if they have an over powering muscle group it’s postieror or upper back. Never had a problem being to strong in these areas. Balance !

Getting ready for bed mon night, Oh ya I wrote Sun on my workout above, anyway my knees are feeling really beat up right now. Problem is I don’t know whats causing it. I did my 4th Smolov workout this morning, but then I spent 6 1/2 hours on my roof shingling, tough when your 250. Oh ya weighded myself yesterday 250, thought I was loosing weight. Anyway been along time since knees hurt this bad. All week working 10hr shifts climbing up and down 300 ft of ladder with welding cable, or ropes or whatever draped over my shoulder isn’t helping. This is why I only change one variable in my diet or training at a time. I’m really enjoying Smolov, but might have to drop for a week (probably won’t) just till my roof is done atleast, or Iron working contract is up. Now I remember why I loved Percocet so much. Anyway I’m babbling just wanted to record knee pain on my log in case it keeps acting up I’ll have record of it. Latter

I’m starting to feel like I gave myself to long of a peaking phaze for my mock meet at the end of Dec. I think in two weeks when this cycle is over. I’ll do 2-3 weeks of BBing typs stuff, and rest my joints (knees) and then go 6 hard weeks going into the end of Dec.I’ve been doing this low rep training since April, and the weights are grinding me down at this point, I know it alot of stuff at once right now, but I think a few weeks of BW stuff might bounce me back. I don’t know feelin pretty out of the grove right now. I don’t know we’ll see in two weeks. Latter

After that comment last night, and after a couple bullshit weeks where I was loosing faith, thinking mabey I was to old to get my strength back, I have a day like today, where the weights feel like nothing, every thing is clicking, and life is good. I wonder somtimes if I’m manic depressive, atleast with weights my mood goes from one extreme to another, but today is good.

Got a call this morning it’s a rain day, no work :slight_smile: loven that, needen that. Ate a big breaky, and did this workout;
Squat and curl, DB incline curls
135x10-----30x15, same on the curls all the way down
265x5x6, these were some of the fasted reps, I’ve ever done

Bench----Rev Bench
switched to close grip, and reg face pulls
225x10------mex20, lotta bench, nice

DB seated clean and Press, 25 repsx30s man these cook my front delts !

Love this workout, the squat was awesome 265 is not alot of weight but it was actually leaving my shoulders at the top, and bouncing back down. Thats how fast I was comming up out of the hole :slight_smile:
The bench was awsome as well, I was suposed to do a tripple with 285, I put the 35s on the end than did my triple. Then I realized thats 295, 10lbs more than I wanted, and I didn’t evn notice, nice

Everything was fast and crisp today, feel like I’m out of the hole i was in. My roof is finaly done as well, so thats off my plate. I didn’t expect the weights to get so dificult so soon, thats whats depressing me. I thought I’d get more carry over from the old days, but it’s almost like I’m starting from scatch. I’m a big guy I don’t look like I should be struggling with 31/2 plates in the squat, but thats where the lines been drawn. Mabey I’ll break through a wall, and find a burst here along the way. Lets hope.

Anyway for all the struggling I’m doing with getting my strength back, I’m building muscle mass like mad. When I post my 3mth update pics nobody will believe I’m not on the juice. I’m blowing up every where, everyone is commenting, shoulder’s and arms are even comming along. Latter

I wanna be on the juice :frowning:
*older, wiser member comes in "wait at least 4 more years"
I know I know