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Anything Wrong with this AM Shake?


I am about to introduce a few new things into my diet as was just wondering if takeing them like this would be counterproductice in anyway?

scoop whey
scoop casein
10g BCAA
tblspoon fishoil (strawberry flavour)
5g CEE
couple of egg whites
Strawberry Flavouring.

Thats the kind of shake im looking at for breakfast. The new things ive added are the fishoil and ALCAR. I will also be takeing:
1 multi
1 thermopure (cafeine, cayene powder, green tea extract, raspberry ketones plus pother stuff)

Does this seem ok?



CEE is inferior to creatine monohydrate in just about every possible way. switch it out.


I would switch BCAA to leucine.
Maybe switch real strawberries/mixed berries with the strawberry flavouring.


Im planning to use actual fruit instead of flavourings.

only problem is the fishoil is strawberry flavoured. going to probably switch it out and just take a tbl spoon of it on its own.

on the CEE front. i never responded to mono and i have responded to CEE quite noticibly. and i bought 500g anyway so i got to use it before i change anything.

I prob shud have listed my goals. im planning on cutting 15-20 kilos in 8-9 weeks.

also i was just wanting to know if any of the ingredients would affect any of the other ingredients getting absorbed etc?

Cheers for the replys so far thou



My advice would be to do the following:
Spread ALCAR to 4 doses of .5 grms
Switch Casein to pre-bed and stick with a lot of whey and bcaa AM
Im assuming that you're cutting right?


Thats a lot to lose per week. Perhaps try V-Diet


2 kilos a week... roughly 5lbs.

Im up for the challenge.

I cant afford the V-Diet at the minute.



I would be worried about losing too much muscle if I'm losing over 2 lbs a week.


JMoUCF87: Why is CEE inferior to regular creatine? care to elborate


ill be takeing around 50-70g of BCAA a day to try and combate this.

a little will be tolerated thou.