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Anything Wrong with My Training?

hi guys, i am 50 years old and just have a question for you more experienced guys. when working a body part say for example chest and normally you do 4 or 5 sets with reps of 12, 10, 8, 6 , and if i am doing flat bench dumbell press my sets are normally like this, 12 reps with 80 lbs, 10 reps with 85, 8 reps with 90, 6 reps with 95 and then two drop sets, but what i have been doing lately is doing 3 sets all with 85 or 90lbs as many reps as i can and then my 4th set with 95 lbs and then my one or two drop sets.

does anyone see anything wrong with this and do you think its a better way of training. the thing i should mention is that i only do this for the first exercise for the body part i am training that day but when i move onto my next exercises i do the normal 12, 10, 8 , 6 rep. thanks guys

IMO you are blowing your load on the little sets leading up to the “money set”

If I may : 60x5, 70x5,80x5 and then 95 till failure. rest 15 seconds, goto failure again and rest 15 seconds and goto failure again If feel need to do a drop set go ahead and try 50lbs for 20-25 reps.

Keep following same protcol as you described for later bodyparts.

Every 4th week take it easy and no rest/pause on the money set.

hi fischer and thanks for your input. if i do what you suggested wouldnt i kind of be wasting the first one or two sets because they wouldnt be very taxing on the body and even the 3rd set of 80 lbs for 5 reps would be fairly easy to do. i am not criticizing your suggestion, i am just wondering what the purpose of those first 3 sets would be other than a warm up. thanks fischer

You answered your own question they are a warm up or primer for that big set at the end. That is when you go for broke with everything you have.

I think you will like this programming.