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Anything Wrong with My 10-Week Test E/Tren E/HCG/Arimidex Cycle?

Week 1-10 Test E 500 mg a week
Week 1-10 Tren E 300 mg a week
Week 1-10 1mg Arimdex EOD
Week 1-9 500 iu hcg
Week 12 to 16 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20
Caber if needed.

In my opinion Arimidex is way to high , I wouldn’t even add it until you need it but def no where near that dose !!!

Also I’ve read tren should be higher than test …

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Second the adex too high comment. That’s a lot and it could really cause some issues.

Will reduce the adex. Is my hcg protocol fine? Also, will I need caber with only 300 tren?

There’s no set mg of tren for caber , if the sides start affecting erection , prolactin thru blood tests etc then I believe it’s .5 mgs twice a week

I don’t mess with hcg , I’m clipped so no kids I could care less , and less the better

Yeah what is your dosing protocol for the HCG? Just 500iu once a week?

Caber is just like an AI (arimidex) too much and you can have some adverse effects. So start low like 1/4 to 1/2 of a regular pharmaceutical dose on days you inject. Then stay at dose for at least over a week and then judge if it is enough or you need more. With caber it more of a how do you feel and does your junk work right. With estrogen and an AI you can watch for water retention as an actual physical indication if your dose is appropriate.

And I third the whole “lower that arimidex dose!” I would start at 0.5 mgs on injection days then judge. You might not even need it at that dose but since you are taking tren I assume you have a good feel for if and how much AI you need at a given dose.

I was on 300 tren and 200 test and my prolactin was x4 the max range.

Really take some time to understand the sides of tren as it will take you prisoner and fuck you with no lube