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Anything to Turn Fat Burning On to the Fullest?

Hi All,

I’m on a “self-prescribed” TRT regime - Test is in the high range of normal, E is right where it should be, IGF is high…at least during my last test. So optimal in that sense.

However I have some insulin sensitivity issues, and despite dialing in my diet very well, I have trouble losing fat.

Keep in mind I do go the extra mile here…1 hour fasted walks in the morning (3.5 miles) while consuming 1500 calories on off days, and 3000 on workout days.

I’m 5’ 10", 200 lbs, scale says 26% body fat…I’m strong, don’t look fat especially in the arms/legs but as you’d guess the midsection/boobs are where all the fat is stored.

Besides upping my test, what else can I look into that will absolutely demolish this fat in my body? I’m willing and happy to put in the hard work, but I’m getting tired of not shredding this gut.

Run through fatloss templates off this site that include heavy lifting. This a good start…

Why don’t you work on addressing the insulin sensitivity issue?

I dont know what Wil work for you but I can tell you the approach I take.

I use ALA and an insulin mimetic. Diet is also extremely important. I don’t eat processed sugars and I keep my carbs within a reasonable amount at each meal generally making dinner(last meal) very low carb. Having used this method for a while my blood sugar drops back to fasting range within a hour or so after eating and responds great to carbs.

Also make sure your free test is high. Total test is meaningless with a low free test.

I would make sure all these things are on point before adding more drugs.

My fat loss has been sub optimal even with excellent dieting. I have a good metabolism, body temp is always hot to the touch, wife and others have said it. I have a lot of activity each day - don’t even sit at work (use a standing desk and constantly move around). I’m almost 100% sure there’s something wrong internally for the fat loss to not happen…I’m wanting to burn off the last 15 lbs or so and get to building muscle. Funny enough I can put on good weight, as in muscle, very easily with excess calories even being years into lifting…just that fat loss I cannot get to happen :\

What are the proper tests to figure out if you have insulin issues?

Not sure but I had guessed for years due to the symptoms, then recently got my blood drawn and my fasted glucose was at the very high end of normal which I’m sure “normal” doesn’t mean jack…you’d want the fasted glucose to be low I’d assume.

What is your A1C? One fasting glucose (or even a few) in te high end of the range is pretty meaningless. If you have access to a glucose monitor (as in you have a diabetic buddy or something, or feel like buying one) you can take your glucose reading, then eat a candy and then check it again 10 minutes later, The size of the spike gives you an indication of your sensitivity.

Say you test it like that and find out you do stay high after the 10 minutes (assuming how that works), what would you do? Seek metformin?

I’d say see a doctor. If you can’t tweak the diet to take care of it you will probably end up on Metformin if you have insulin sensitivity issues.

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Clenbuterol and ECA stacks work well to ramp up the fat burning process. Please research before considering either as they both have their own side effects. Nothing like DNP, but if you have any kind of heart condition they are both no no’s.