Anything to Take for Dust Mite Allergy? Cannot Remove My Carpet

I live in a town house, so I cannot remove my carpet. The exterminator came and sprayed my room and that helped for a bit, but I keep getting these red bumps that itch. I changed detergents and soap powder to non-fragrant sensitive brands, just in case that was the issue. No matter what I do, I still get bit. Is there anything I can take? Since it’s been hot and humid it’s gotten even worse, even with me having my own AC unit in my room.

Have you checked your bed for bedbugs?

Yes and so has the exterminator.

Hmmm… from what you described it really sounds like bedbugs. I have never had dust mites leave itchy bites. If it’s dust mites I would vacuum everything! Pillows, matress, etc. Then seal the stuff up in a plastic bag and chunk it. Do it like every three or four days until you thin them out. Pain in the ass I know, but desperate times, calls for desperate measures. Curing the bites won’t help much if you don’t get rid of the source. Maybe somebody else will have some ideas. Good luck!

If you’re able to seal and be out of the room for several hours, an ozone generator treatment may be of help.

There are sprays that kill dust mites…also, are you sure the red bumps are from dust mites, or another allergy you don’t know about?