Anything Other Supps to Take?

Hello all!

I am new to all of this and just had a few questions that hopefully some of you could help me with.

I am severely overweight and have begun the journey to getting down to a reasonable weight while adding muscle to my frame at the same time. I have always been a pretty beefy person with a lot of muscle mass but I have a lot of fat covering that whole situation right now. I have been working out about 4 times a week in the gym for over a month now and have lost over 20 pounds and I have gotten a lot stronger.

This is what I am taking right now. In the morning when I wake up I take 2 fish oil caps, my One A Day Men’s Health vitamin, an Ester-C 500mg Vitamin C pill, and of course I eat a decent healthy breakfast. Then after dinner I take another 2 fish oil caps and another vitamin C pill. And after my workout I take two servings of EAS 100% Whey Protein with 16 oz. of skim milk. (Sorry, I am about out of it, so I will be ordering Surge soon :wink:

Now I just got my order of HRX in the other day and I plan on starting it tomorrow morning. I am going to start by taking 1 in the morning before breakfast and my other stuff and one later on in the day and I will see how that goes. I am also waiting for my order of Superfood to go through so I can take that in the morning.

Now my question is, is there anything else I should be taking and does it all work well together? Like do I need anything like L-glutamine or something?

Thanks for the help!

I’d say add a little more fish oil, say 2 - 3 caps after every sold meal! & BCAA’s.

Are you low-carbing it? If not, glutamine will probably do little for you.

Hmmm that seems like a lot of fish oil. There aren’t any adverse affects of taking too much fish oil right?

I am trying to cut everything but invariably I am still eating a good many carbs. What exactly does glutatime do for me anyway?

Also, has any tried Probiotics along side the other supplements? I heard it’s very good for your digestive system.

Thanks again for all of the help.

Also, if I take the BCAA. How many should I be taking and when? I am trying to scrape up enough money because I am a broke college student, but I really want to do this right and not starve my body of what it needs.


don’t see why you take the vitamin c pill if you’re taking a multi at the same time.

I’m taking the vitamin C pill because being around so many sick people scares me. It really helps against it, so I have stuck with it. Any extra that I don’t need is peed out anyway, so it’s a temporary boost.

I think I am going to order the BCAA tonight. Anyone know when the Superfood will be back in stock?

One more question. The Spring Valley Fish Oil pills that I am taking that I bought at Walmart have the following:

180 mg EPA
120 mg DHA

How many mg of EPA and DHA should I be taking a day? I know Davenegger said to take 3 after each meal which would be 9 a day. This would give me 1620 mg EPA and 1080 mg DHA per day. I am just trying to figure out if it’s worth ordering Flameout or not.

Thanks for answering my noobish questions.

I hate to keep responding to myself but I seem to have answered my own question through research.

I hear that 6g of combined EPA/DHA a day is ideal, so I will attempt to get close to that with what I have. I will be buying bulk from Sam’s Club because I can’t afford Flameout.

As for BCAAs, my ESA Whey Protein say’s it contains the following:

1460 mg Valine
1520 mg Isoleucine
2620 mg Leucine

This is in each serving. So when I drink a shake, I take 2 servings with 16 ounces of skim milk. So if I am getting the following:

A single One A Day Men’s Health vitamin
4 HRX pills
1000 mg Vitamin C
2920 mg Valine
3040 mg Isoleucine
5240 mg Leucine
between 3 & 6 g of EPA/DHA

All within one day. Do I really need to take the BCAAs? I mean I am getting a pretty decent dose of BCAAs from my whey protein.

Biotest BCAA - 250 tabs @ 28.00

isoleucine - 300 mg
leucine - 540 mg
valine - 360 mg

I would like to supplement that fact but is it really needed? If you guys think it is absolutely necessary then I will gladly pay for a bottle of BCAA to try out.

Any thoughts?