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Anything Odd About My Physique?

I know I didn’t follow the sticky but answer my question if you don’t mind.
Can’t tell if there’s something odd about my physique or I’m just being a bitch about it. Would like another opinion on it

back shot

front shot

Odd?? You have a back, you have 2 arms,a stomach and chest area… so there is nothing odd about your physique.

You do lack muscle and definition. 5 years of heavy lifting and good nutrition will sort that out

Agreed. I put up decent numbers though so I thought it odd that I didn’t have much for muscle size. Shit nutrition is what I’m guessing caused that

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i find your lack of legs disturbing

this cant be serious

Nope. Nothing odd at all. I think that for a middle aged woman, you have a perfectly normal physique.

I find it odd that you decided to post these pictures, yes

[quote]alexus wrote:
i find your lack of legs disturbing[/quote]