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Anything New in Bodyfat Scales?


As far as I can tell it's been a few years since body fat measuring (BIA) scales have been discussed and I'm curious if the recent models have improved in terms of accuracy or precision. Ive used my old tanita for many years now, mostly just tracking the change in my weekly average instead of the actual number but I'd love to find one that can do better.

So have they actually improved or are they just carrying more useless bells and whistles?


one of the drawbacks is BIA is based upon electrical current which the readings depend greatly upon hydration levels, which is not going to be "improved" upon.

I have found (doesn't matter newer ones verse older) that if under the same test conditions while not entirely accurate can be used for tracking changes.


Okay just jk curious myself, I recently had the decascan like they do for Bone density testing and was kind of shocked with my results.




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No they have not.


I tried one. The tests came back positive


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