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Anything New Coming Our Way?


Any sales or new products you can tell us about.


There will be a new product coming out in a few months.


Have you tried lifting, eating, and sleeping? Apparently it gets you yolked!


Good post; I was thinking the same thing.

Aren't there enough supplements and food items to choose from already?

Now that I think about it, I don't wonder how old timers and jailbirds did and do it, respectively. How much progress can be made when there's less clutter in exercise, nutrition, and life (stolen idea from Jason Ferrugia's blog).


I am figuring they have something planed for the holidays.


Maybe a way to get huge by only taking supplements. We now have two ways to get ripped using only supplements.

If we just gett this sorted, we could never eat again.


I never understood why the PSMF they're prescribing needs to be done with protein powder. Wouldn't a few cans of dirt cheap tuna and salmon do the job?