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Anything New about the Teaparty?


Havent heard much about this "party" in a while. Is it still out there or is it dead? Is it going to become a party of its own or is it becoming a fraction of the republican party?



Dont worry flowerboy, its taking a nap. Trust me, its not going anywhere and its wrath will be felt in 2012.


I am not a member, but I am a Colorado Republicanish independent. In my experience, the Tea Party is NOT about social issues, it is effectively a Libertarian party that supports Republican candidates, and promotes candidates at the convention level to get them on the ballot and steer the Republican party toward more practical libertarian ideals. It is basically pro states rights, against big government, for balancing the budget, against getting our noses in foreign wars, pro American exceptionalism, against demeaning America in the world view.

It is not about dictating social values. It is about government staying out of social issues, but members see taxation AS a social issue, and it is not racist nor anti homosexual, but it is against the government being ACTIVIST with regard to race relations and gay rights, such as by enacting a new definition of marriage, or affirmative action laws. It is generally anti abortion, because its members see fetuses as having human rights, but most strongly against taxpayer funding going toward abortion, and giving the states power over the issue, and requiring due process.


I personally like the Tea party, I think they touting some half baked ideas , but what I like best about them is they could force people to vote their ideas rather than the party line.

I predict the Tea party will split from the Republicans and you will see the Democrats and the Republicans UNITE to crush the Tea party

I personally think we need more independent thinkers, just think if some one would think of the idea that the military is bloated and we could save a bunch of money by gutting it. Or that the war on drugs was not only a waste of money it does A LOT of harm to people a double plus to give it up


Unfortunately alot of Morons attached themselves to the tea party. Ala Bachman and Palin. They may have some libertarian ideas but I have heard very few voice the need for withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe more than anything, time will tell who the tea party becomes.


They still get together and chant stupid shit every once in a while. A bunch of them have been parading around Washington yelling "shut it down" in reference to the impending partial shutdown of the US government.

Which is funny because it takes someone with serious mental incapacity to think that keeping public workers at home, halting the processing of visas, and not paying soldiers is a good idea. In 1995 the government shut down for 20 days resulting in an estimated full percentage point shaved off economic growth for half of the year.

Their stupidity will consume them.


This is ridiculous. There are racist and homophobic elements to the movement. Just because you don't want to accept it doesn't make it any less true. There is no central authority with the power to enforce ideological uniformity across the board--the movement is nothing more than a conglomeration of its disparate parts, many of which are both racist and homophobic (and incredibly stupid by the way).


There are racists and homophobes in the Democratic Party as well. Would you make the same statement regarding them SMH?


Yes. I suspect they are a far smaller percentage and don't have their finger on the pulse of the party in a comparable manner, but yes I would.


there are racist and homophobic , aspects to just about every one , it is hard understand some one that is not like you , at least it is easier to understand some one that is like you:)


What I mean is that the Tea Party is not driven by racist or anti-gay agenda as it is somtimes portrayed as being. It is not primarily a conservative social activist group as it is a "federal government hands off" movement. Even tea party members/affiliates whatever, whom I know who are anti gay are not for active oppression of homosexuality, they are against actively recognizing it as a protected group. They would condone a buisiniess person discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation for hiring, but would also expect the free market from taking care of that.

My main point is that in my impression it is portrayed as a group of right wing social extremists, while in fact I see them as being PREDOMINANTLY concerned with fiscally conservative ideas.


You guys are so funny....the tea party is not racist... Im part of it. Its an organic movement and those on the left are mad because we finally had enough. I do not understand the hatred that leftist have to others. We have no hatred we only care what is best for our Country and our families.

The racist are mostly on the left, Byrd senator from WV a former klan guy. Lets see who supports planned parenthood a drive thru for abortions, where the majority of abortions are minorities.

To smh Congress has had years to implement a full budget but chose not too, in order to blame the republicans. Also the Republicans have passed a one week extension but you dither in Chief said he would veto it. Whos to blame then?
Also how is it that welfare recipents will get paid during a shutdown but Soldiers wont? That shows you how the democrats buy votes.

So yeah keep insulting and all but once you wake up the sleeping giant of America dont plea for mercy my friends. 12 cannot come soon enough.


There were alot of white people at Jon Stewart's rally, I guess you could call that a Klan meeting then right?

Should be a bunch of gun wielding Minute Men show up at a polling place, would they have gotten the same lack of police involvement that the Black Panther Party didn't get when they showed up with billy clubs? Would the media have painted the same "neutral" picture?

The issue of racism is moot, anyone can paint any picture, it depends the filter you choose to look through.

Here in California, we have Dems calling taxpayers "racist" because Republicans (who didn't flee) are filibustering a $55 Billion tax extension. LOL, they are "racists" for that? Oh, but when Dems won't accept ANY cuts, they aren't "racists." But no one called the Wisconsin Dems who fled the state (like pussies) a bunch of "racists."

Racism...that shit is selective as fuck, especially when it affects Democruds.


Hello Maximus there time has come and now they are resorting the last tactic they have, which is to attack in violence. They are being wiped out by elections, look at the current election for the supreme court in Wisconsin. They are crying wolf, where they there when Al Franken did the same for his senate seat. They will wither in the end.

The smell of victory is swirling in the air.


This ^^

It's like the number one rule in the playbook for Dem's for anything the Libertarians/GOP/Tea Party does...they point fingers, jump up and down and scream THAT'S RAYCESSS!!!!

Shit gets old.


Al Franken has to be to one of the biggest clusterfucks to be elected of all time. When he verbally bitch slapped Leiberman, I thought that rookie prick needed a chin check and McCain had the sack to actually give it to him.

Jre67t - I think you're right, they have played the racism card so many times, that they have actually diluted it's effectiveness. I think you're right about the Wisconsin SC election too, they are crying foul when it's them losing.

I don't like either party for specific reasons, but the one thing I will give the Republicans over the Dems, is that they will stand in the fire to get shit passed. Now I am not saying I agree or disagree with what they are passing, but imagine if the Republicans fled to not vote on Obama's Health Care Bill. Would they have been touted as "serving the will of the people?" They knew they were going to lose, but they still showed up and voted.


It is true that Tea Party rallies generally focus on fiscal conservatism. But they don't exist in a bubble, and many of their members' concerns are racially charged, and there are many reports of Tea Party activists resorting to screaming things like "faggot" and "nigger".

Here is one prominent example:

Aside from this the whole ridiculous "Birther" thing, which is not a de jure element of the movement but it is certainly an element in practice, has fairly obvious racial undertones.

The Tea Party is not in my opinion racist by definition. However, I do think it is more welcoming to racists, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes than for instance the Democratic party.


Ok, fair enough....but my 91 year old grandmother went to vote in the last election in Fresno, California. She had latino people yelling "white bitch" and "reconquista" at her and her friends. Several of my college classmates voted in Oakland and were threated and had racial slurs yelled at them by black Obama supporters.

Why is it ok to be racist towards white people, while anything any elected official does to support...oh I don't know....the effort to stop illegal immigration, is considered RAYCESS!!!


Please somebody, anybody explain to me.....why I am racist for wanting to halt illegal immigration.

Why is it ok for minorities to say and do racist things....and nobody does a damn thing.

Does the so called "white liberal guilt" run that deep?


It isn't. That's a shitty story about your grandma, those people were fucktards.