Anything Missing

hi everybody im new member but have been reading for a long time … and sorry but my english is little bad … i was thinking maybe you can review my cycle and tell me what you guys think … this is my 4th cycle … and i have been training for 1.5years …

im am 18 years old … please before everybody attack me i want to say i have my dreams in bodybuilding and my family supports me in everyway they can … my brother who used to compete is my coach and is monitoring me … so basically this is my cycle

wk 1-14 test e 850mg weekly
wk 1-12 deca 750mg weekly
wk 1-4 anadrol 100mg daily
wk 1-4 dianabol 50mg daily

will be using proviron during cycle … and i have pct ready and AI on hand and will be supplementing with liver support and omega 3 besides protein-Bcaa’s etc

so basically you started training on steroids? and probably started taking them when you were 16? damn dude, whatever floats your boat. Looks fine to me, lot of orals though, i don’t know why you didn’t detail your pct. As if it’s not as important…