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Anything Missing From My Plan?

Hi Guys,

Becuase of the fact that I can’t get to a gym and my lifestyle I am only able to put in 20 - 30 mins a day working out with limite equipment at home - and I only think it’s right to expect to get out no more out of this than I put in. A such I have decided to keep my workout as simple as possible and as intense as possible ( Considering my limited equipment and the fact that I have nobody to keep my form in check ) and have done this for the last 9 Weeks …

A ) 5 x 5 Deadlift
5 x 5 Pull-Up ( B/W + 20 lb )
5 x 5 Chin-up ( B/W + 20 lb )

B ) 5 x 5 Front Squat
5 x 5 Push Press
5 x 5 Elite Ring Dips ( B/W + 20 lb )

Done Mon / Weds / Fri on an A/B/A basis

36 year old male , 5’6 , 165lb - Goal = Strength, Maintenance

Overall I am happy with the Results that I have been getting but my question is this - considering my Goals and my limited resources , is there anything that I need to add in or leave out to prevent any serious imbalances ?

do you have a 2x6 and some cinder blocks for a bench?

Well initailly my comments are that you have no direct chest work and, IMO, too much back
work. If it were me I’d do this

A Back squat
Bench press - or press ups if you can’t bench
Chin ups (weighted)
Bicep or tricep exercise
Ab rollout
( for the first three exercises do sets of 5 reps and increase weight each set untill you can’t go heavier, for the arms a similar principle but use 8-10 reps and the rollout do 3-4 sets of 10-12)

B deadlift variation
Incline dumbell press
Kroc row
Dumbell/overhead press
Leg raise
for the first for exercises do sets of 4-6 and ramp the weight untill you can’t go heavier, leg raises do 4 sets of 10

Cheers Guys ,
My Upper back and Traps have grown considerablly as you say, I have got an old bench somewhere so will drag it out again. I had initially left Benching & Fly’s out of my programme becuase all of my past programmes were very chest dominant.

Will give your suggestion a try, thanks

Lower the elite rings and do some flyes from the push up position.

What equipment do you have access to? I am going to guess a power rack and barbell and you said possible an old bench.

Your program doesn’t look bad based on your time constraints. If you have a power rack and barbell there are plenty of exercises you can use for variety.

This program is better than about 90% of the self written programs presented on the site. I disagree with the notion that this program has too much back work, my opinion is always the more back work you have the better, as long as you are able to recover.

No equipment workout

I would do overhead press rather than push press unless you can overhead press more than your bw