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Anything Legal & Real?


I have been looking for something to put on mass once I am finished dropping all the fat. I am already down from 243 last feb to 205 - 207 now. Going to 190 at which point I will have my abs back. Not bad for 51. Then I would really like to put on about 15 lbs of muscle. Seems like one decent cycle would do it fine.

Problem is there seem to be only a few alternatives:

1) Phony herbal crap
2) Superdrol type shit with massive sides
3) Real gear

Nothing like MAG-10 or even Androsol is out there, far as I can tell.

I would actually prefer real gear, but a felony conviction is not a risk I can take. A shame, as I have no fear of needles or drugs in general. Currently on HRT (Androgel 5 / day) - last time I had levels checked I was at 892, but it's been a while.

Price is not really an issue - I have been really lucky there. Just no product out there for me.

Any real suggestions would be welcome. I already have pretty much everything Biotest makes.

And yes, I am aware that I could probably do it over several months, but I put on mass slooooowly nowadays, have been lifting a long time, and would like to speed things up.


See if you can get some Test E from your DR for your HRT


Thought of that, but my HRT doc is totally clueless. It took weeks to get Agel out of him, and i really needed it. I can't imagine him giving me Test-E.

Looks like I will have to try and find a new doc - more searching on the net shows nothing but shit.


Practically speaking there's quite a leap from ordering gear and a felony conviction. Even if you package were to be seized an individual sized order is not going to get the kind of attention that some of the big busts get[got].

The Feds or your local LE would really have to want you to pursue you to the point of conviction


Maybe you're right. I have been doing some checking and it seems all customs does is send a letter - if they catch it.

I'm looking at PaperPrimo as a gentle and side effect free first cycle. No conversion into estrogen, and I am already on HRT, so if levels drop post cycle, maybe I can get more agressive treatment.

I realize that any vets reading this will be thinking "Dipshit, test only for a first cycle", or some such thing, but I like the idea of getting my feet wet without worrying about sides. The source I found seems to be well regarded and well known. Also, I would only be looking for 15 lbs or so, and even with Primo, I should be able to do that, and maybe even lean up a little more, in about 8 wks. I'm thinking 20 mg/day until I see what it does, then up it to 30 till I run out.

205-210 at 5'11" with a 6 pack would look pretty good, and in time for summer.


At your age 15lbs is quite a bit; heck that's a lot for anyone on just primo.
As you yourself said its best to start with test to establish a baseline. See how you do on the real deal and then you can branch out. After all most all gear is test variations.

The beginers classic of 500mg Test E EW for 10-12 weeks is a classic for a reason. Throw in some Proviron and maybe Nolvadex on the side for sides and you're golden.


I knew you'd say that. Not good to hear that 10-15 lbs is a lot for a light cycle.

Thanks for your help and input.


10-15lbs can easily be put on just maybe not so much with a primo only cycle.
A test-dbol combo would easily do that for you but you seem to be steering yourself in a different direction


if price is no object and all you are concerned with is legality, i would say to go doctor shopping until you find an endocrinologist willing to pony up a script for test cyp. its not that hard if you come in armed with the knowledge


Yep - I know test is the way to go, but there is only one online source I KNOW for sure I can trust, and I am rural, so no local source. Also, because I am somewhat isolated, I want to try something with little or no sides, as I have no "support group" of other lifters to fall back on should something develop. PaperPrimo seems to fit the bill, although maybe not that strong.

On the doctor shopping thing, My test levels were 892 at my last test, so I doubt there will be one that will cut me a script. What would be the justification?

Beleive me, if I had a trusted local source, I would do the classic test @ 500 for 12 weeks cycle. I have no doubt that I would love it.


If you're rural, why not get some cattle pellets and extract the steroids from them? I don't mean cattle feed pellets, but steroidal cattle implant pellets such as Finaplix-S.

All you have to do is walk into your local farm or vet supply store, pretending to be a cattleman or farmer, and buy a couple of boxes of what you need. For your cattle, of course :wink:. You may also have to buy some of the estrogenic pellets such as Implus, and an implant gun, to make your cover story look realistic.

I know a friend who uses Synovex-H pellets, which contains 200mg of testosterone, although these also contain 20mg of estrogen, so I'm not sure about that.

But Finaplix pellets contain trenbolone acetate, which is a great and very effective anabolic steroid.

The tried and tested method is to grind up the pellets with a mortar and pestle, and dump the powder into DMSO, which is a transdermal carrier which will be absorbed into your skin. So no injections necessary, just apply to your thigh 60mg on a daily basis and it'll bring great results.

It can also be made into an injectable solution.


If you want to do a testosterone cycle, you can make Transdermal Test from Synovex-H pellets. Another poster on this board, Fatsuperman, may chime in with more details because I'm not too sure about the estrogen content.


i acknowledge that some people do grind up the finiplix pellets and try to get a decent transdermal absorbtion but ive seen peoples skin get flat out tore up from that. why not take the same finiplix cartridge and make yourself some injectable trenbolone acetate? i cant say enough good things about tren. yes it requires daily injections but ive got it to go through a 1cc .5 inch insulin syringe. it requires steady pressure and about 2-3 minutes to inject but theres no pain and it opens up a multitude of sites.


Its really your choice,

Finaplix in DMSO will just about peel my skin off, but in phlo jel it worked like a dream, well except for the tren cough (you know its working though)

Converting to an injectable works as well, if you aren't afraid to shoot something up you have made in your kitchen.

The syno-H conversion to get test is a little more complicated but not super difficult either.

To get just the test base it require a little different process, and a lot more test if you plan on transdermal.

I've used this stuff with success before I found an overseas powder supplier. It works good, and you know you have the real stuff!

There are online sources for the pellets, because unless you are in cattle country they tend to only stock the estorgen type "ralgro". Don't worry I've never gotten any trouble from the online guys either. If you live in a rural area your safe.

I imagine if you lived in apartment 345 on 243rd street in Brookland, NY, I'm sure it would illicit some suspescion. I live between a pig farm and a dairy farm on a rural road (i'm safe).

If you absolutely are afraid of the law, and want the real stuff, this is the way to go. You aren't breaking the law till you start converting in the privacy of your home. Everything ships domestically and legally.

Its expensive, it costs about $10 a gram to get the test from syno all said and told.


Finaderm from universalkits.com sounds like a good transdermal carrier gel, with a claimed 76% absorption ratio. Most gels only have 30-40% absorption.

There is a kit also on that site, the S-type kit, which can remove the estradiol (estrogen) from converted Syno-H pellets.

In the original post hankr said he doesn't mind injections, so converting the Fina or Syno-H cattle pellets into injectable suspension, such as plain test or test prop would be a more cost effective option. It wastes less of the good stuff.

So yes, in regards to the original post, buying cattle pellets is legal, and can produce real steroids.


I'm kind of skeptical, like many others about the 75% claim. I'm not buying it. Phlo jel and Dmso are about the only two products that actually work. I hear the figure 30 to 40% on phlo jel, but I would put it around 25% personally. But it's kind of a mute point.

I say, if your worried about LE, just convert some pellets, spend the extra cash and effort, but feel more secure.


Wow. Another alternative. We have horses and goats (insert goat fucking joke here - they're pets OK?). In the unlikely event of Johhny Law being interested ,that should provide cover. I am not afraid of needles at all.

But the idea of slamming something I make in my kitchen is less than appealing. I am going to research this some more. If memory serves, there are a lot of old threads re: fina and home made gear. Time to belly up to the search function and try to get smart.


holy shit grinding up cow pellets for steroids? that sounds scary to me. i mean.. its a fucking COW. i'm just concerned Juan the local $5/hour cow-pellet-steroid-maker shits in the mix but nobody cares cus.. its a COW.

maybe thats unfounded, but holy god, i'd just order some paper. this is your body we're talkin about, you only get one!


Do we really know how clean the conditions are in these "overseas" places that make stuff like stealth? The FDA doesn't inpect these places.

Worse yet, about the domestic gear made in underground labs, read someone's basement, garage or kitchen.

How about the conditions in the chinese powder labs, I'm guessing a lot of the powder that come to us, and the UG labs is from chinese manufacturers meant for (you guessed it) vetenary use.

Cattle implants come in clean sterile containers, and they are made in a lab in the United States. I've worked in making vetenary products, and often they are made right beside and with the same cleanliness as human grade products. Testostorone is testostorone, it isn't any different for cows.

BTW: Tren was developed for cattle, it has never been approved for human usage. Equipoise if for horses, once again never approved for human usage. If i'm not mistaken winny is the same.