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Anything I Should Work On?


i started out having derpression, moodiness, always tired no energy, low libido, after having vasectomy. I think my estrogen is too high, im having the tiredness and low libido again. I felt good for a while after staring TRT and then it kept going downhill.

okay today i went to my doctors office and got my lab tests printed off he read me the wrong estrogen number so ill post up.

blood was taken at 1:04 P.M. injection was taken on previous wednesday, and blood was drawn on monday so 5 days.

Estrogen 117 pg/ml Adult male 40 - 115
Estradiol 52.2 FLG H pg/ml 7.6 - 42.6
LH (R) <0.2 mIU/ml ref 1.7 - 8.6
FSH (R) <0.2mIU/ml ref 1.5 - 12.4
F test >55.0 pg/ml ref 9.3 - 26.5
TSTRONE 1257 ng/dl ref 249 - 836
TSH (R) 2.350 Uiu/ml ref 0.450 - 4.500
HGBA1C 5.0% ref 4.8 - 6.0
cm GLU 90 mg/dl
FREE T4 (R) 1.39 ng/dl ref 0.82 - 1.77
HPyl (R) 0.7 U/ml range 0.0 - 0.8

My starting total test was 157


Your E2 is through the roof, you should probably get on an AI. That's what jumps out at me immediately. Ideally you want E2 in the 20's.

Not much point in checking LH/FSH while you're on TRT...it's gonna be nil. That's how the negative feedback loop works.


Forgot to mention I am on 200mg/week testosterone cypionate injectable. Yeah I thoughtit was too high my dr. Is just my family dr. He said he didn't know if it was high enough to account for my symptoms or constitute an AI. He wanted to cut me off of trt completely for 2 months, because I have an appt with an endocrinologist in November. I talked him out of it, before I was on trt I felt so bad I had to almost crawl out of bed I was so depressed.


200mg/week is probably too high of a dose to keep your E2 under control. I had a hard time with E2 even using an AI until I cut my dose from 150mg/week to 100. I am taking 2mg/wk of Adex, by the way. Some guys just aromatize more than others, I believe. Increasing the frequency of injection (i.e. smaller divided doses) seemed to help me as well. A combination of dropping my test dose and increasing my injection frequency to once every 3 days (versus 1X/week) dropped my E2 from the mid-50s to 22.

You may be better off trying to educate your doctor and convince him to give you an AI. If you self-inject you can basically set your own injection schedule and dose. Most endos are no better, or even worse, than family doctors. Read the sticky on finding a good doctor if you really need to switch.


Some guys do need 200mg/wk. That is what I'm on and it keeps me in the 800's, which for me feels ideal. I'm still only on 1mg/wk of anastrozole and that keeps my E2 <30.


x2'ing reidnez. You also may be slightly hypothyroid but your main problem is estrogen and you need to get on an AI as soon as you can.


thanks guys see my doctor and i just had this discussion about thyroid problems. He said that my thyroid looked great, the only thing they found on all my tests was a lesion on my liver and they didnt want to explore more because they were common, and i shouldnt worry about that. The problem with the AI is that i dont have an endo appt until november. My doctor doesnt want to do anything but cut me off of trt completely, or just move my dosage to 400 mg/month. So im pretty out of luck until i can see my endo, or i could call his nurse and ask for some adex, but he said he wasn't sure that my estrogen was high enough to justify an AI. Thanks for all the help.


What's your point? This guy is on 200 mg/week, and was still in the 1200's (50% above the top range) 5 days after an injection...with high estrogen to boot...HE obviously doesn't need 200 mg...


i started my injection at 50 mg e3d, and taking 50 mg zinc oraly daily. i am starting to feel so much better, i dont get any more blood work until the end of ocbtober. I also started using a 23 ga x 1" needle instead of the 20 ga x 1 1/2" they prescribed. If its all in my head i dont even care ill take the placibo effect as long as i thing im feeling better. What do you guys think is it just in my head?


It's not all in your head, you had very high E2 and are potentially hypothyroid.

Which was already pointed out twice and you clearly didn't read it.