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Anything I Can Do to Get Taller?


I keep hearing about guys who lift and grow an inch or more even in their early 20s, I'm 19 right now and around 6'1, I started lifting earlier this year and guess I grew a few cm's or my posture just got better. Anyway the main heavy lifts I do every week are clean & jerk, squats, bench, and deadlifts.

I want to get taller so is there anything different exercises I should do or nutrition?








There's a procedure where they break your legs and set them a fraction of an inch apart. The healing process puts bone in that fraction of an inch. Multiple procedures and a year can get you an inch or two. Sort of like in Gattaca.


I hear blowing guys will make you taller. And no, I don't want to know how it works out for you.




very true yet painful. I've seen it done on a couple of subjects


You're 6'1''
You're fine, stop crying about it. There are plenty of 5'6'' guys who would die to be 6'1''




Squats and Milk.


Im 5'6 and one sad panda about it


Try hitting her.


Hgh and powerbars is what you need.


Many lifts can improve posture which would make you appear taller.


Hang from a swing set. It almost worked for Bobby Brady.




There was a south park episode about this.

I believe the term used was 'negroplasty'

You'll need a testicle donor however.


Sorry about your luck.

I'm 5'8" and would kill to be 6'1"...You are a good 3" taller than average. Be grateful for what you have.


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