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Anything Exciting in Ft. Collins, CO?

I need to fly out on business. Anything of interest/fun? Local brews? Must see?

Colorado State University (catch a game maybe)

Got a good friend that went to NCSU. I will give her a call and see what she suggests.

Horseshoe Canyon is a short drive and a beautiful hike. Estes Park is a bit further but could easily be classified as a must-see. On the way up, stop at the Stanley Hotel. It inspired Stephen King to write The Shining.

Ft. Collin’s Brewing Company
I don’t get too excited about their beer, but it’s not bad

New Belgium Brewing Company

These guys are good. Their Fat Tire is great, as is their 1554 Black Ale. Then again, you might already know this, Not sure if new belgium beer has made it to Maine yet.

Well we have the New Belgium Brewery, as well as Odell brewery. Make it a point to get to both if you enjoy good beer; you won’t regret it. Lucky Joe’s is a fun bar… as is Stakeout and Trailhead… Stay away from the Drunken Monkey unless you want to see a lot of popped collars. Sometimes the Aggie theater has good concerts.

JeJu (on College in Old Town) has good sushi, and Coopersmith’s (in Old Town square) has good food and good beer. Try their Mountain Avenue Wheat and their Green Chili beer. The Pickle Barrel (located off of Laurel) has some amazing sandwiches, but they are only open for lunch. They also have pool tables.

The first football game is against our arch-nemesis University of Colorado at Invesco field on August 31st. If you’re into hiking and what not, hiking to the top of Horsetooth Rock can be a good leg burner. There is a big movie theater on Timberline Rd. and Harmony Rd. (see Cinemark).

I don’t know anything about the commercial gyms in the area because I’ve been at the CSU rec center since I moved there 4 years ago.

“A Hunt Club” is the local gentleman’s club, located off of East Mulberry… Never been to it, but hey, it’s there.

Anyway, hope that helps…

re: Fat Tire – I’m there.

I used to drink the Hell out of that when I was in grad school in New Mexico. However, I didn’t realize that was in Ft. Collins.-- Check!