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Anything else?

First off ill give my stats. 18 yrs old. 5’11" 165lbs. %10bf. I’ve been lifting for about 4 years now. Use to lift for football but that’s over, so now im more into just body building. My diet is in check and im consuming everything i need. Routine is good, however without my diet it wouldnt be. But right now, for supplements, im taking a MRP, a post-workout protein with carbs, and micronized creatine. I am looking for some new supplements to give me an extra edge on building muscle and lean up some. Does anybody have any good suggestions? Thanks

Probably not what you want to hear, but you’re more likely to end up spinning your wheels and not changing much if you attempt to gain size and lose fat at the same time. This rarely happens, even in drug assisted lifters. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, don’t bet on it, supplements or not.

At 165 lbs and 10%, you’re already ‘relatively’ lean. Why not focus on just putting on more size for the time being and worry about ‘leaning up some’ a little later? At least then you’ll be carrying more muscle, which should make it easier to drop some fat. At your height, I’d think you need to put on some size.

I am trying to put on size. I just want to try to remain relatively lean. Im just looking for advice. Im not interested in taking any pro-hormones. I considered tribex but still hesitant. Anyone have any ideas?

How about listening to advice that people give you on the forum rather than discounting out of hand.

If you actually listen and take on board some of the advice that people give you then suprise, suprise you’ll probably be closer to your goal.

Thunder’s giving you good advice…do yourself a favour search through the photo forum for his pic… you would do well to listen as he really knows his shit.

You don’t need any other supplements. Just make sure that you’re consuming enough protein and keep on working hard. You can put on some muscle without becoming a fat turd no matter what some people say and it’s a whole lot easier to do while you’re young.

I’m with Thunder. At your size, especually since you are relatively lean, increasing size as much as possible should be your focus. Putting on size is something like 95% nutrition + lifting + recovery with an additional 5% comming from supplements.

I know that this is the easy way out, but read JB’s massive eating articles. At 5’10", getting up to 180-195lbs shouldn’t be too hard. The key is to drastically increase your intake of good food. Increase protein intake, take in some good fats. Lift hard, but brief and rest.

As far as supplements go, protein powders should be your first and most important purchase. Before adding anything else, stock-pile on protein first!

A simple strategy such as consuming a protein + carbs drink during training and another after training will make a huge difference! I’d also add a shake right before bed, Grow or low-carb Grow is ideal for this as it contains both slow and fast absorbed proteins.

On top of that ingest 6 meals during the day, all of them containing proteins from “real food”. If you’re doing all this to the “T” there is no way that you can’t grow steadily!

If you want to take it up a notch (while understanding the 5% supplements rule I explained earlier), Tribex is probably the most “gentle” product you can take as it increases your testosterone output naturally, which is actually healthy. The ideal stack would be with Red Kat (to lower SHBG) and “M” (to reduce estrogen levels). But that’s not absolutely necessary in your case.

Remember that you can’t be as big as an ox while eating like a dog (even if it’s a big dog :slight_smile: ).