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Anything Better Than Test?


Is there anything better ALL AROUND than Test? Absolutely NOTHING I've tried has come close mg for mg to Testosterone decanoate. It might take a while to build up the levels >FRONTLOAD< but the natural taper at the end of 12+ wks makes it worthwhile. Brock IS the man! Don't know/understand why he high-tailed it but I'm sure he had his reasons and will def be missed.

Merry Xmas everyone!

And YES(mod w/ blonde badass bod) I am referring to myself


Bro I migth be a little confused here. It weren't you just asking about what a test only cycle would be like run "grammabol" style like Strasser reccommended. I though you were thinking about doing it, but hadn't yet?

Anyway to answer you question here's my take. Test alone based on overall size and strength gains, plus cost, is probably your best bet. Even a compounds like tren, drol, ot, or eq probably won't give you the same amount of gains once your pct is said and done. HOWEVER, like katz pointed out if you're down to spring for it synergy is the name of the game. So stacking test (less test then you used on "grammabol" plus one of those other compounds I mentioned will yeild more then EITHER run by themselves. That's why most people stack. It also means that less of both have to be used and with a lower dose comes less tendency towards side effects.


if you want to use one AAS as a stand alone...... nothing beats test.

agree with everything wideguy said.


Anything better than Test? Test with GH and Insulin.


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If messing w/ insulin is what it takes to reach the 5'8, 240+lbs mark w/ 8% BF then I ain't gonna make it. ^THAT is messing w/ some seriously dangerous shit.


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I never cease to be amazed at the extremes some people will go to in an attempt to reach the unattainable. My whole basic philosophy is If u ain't got it drugs ain't gonna give it to ya. I beleive Preist about the amt of he uses. If am INCORRECT someone please show me "pro" whose success is soley attributable to drug use. Test has definitely helped but its helped more w/ fat loss than muscle accumulation.

Sometimes ur right...
sometimes ur WRONG



Test I like you but you say some kinda retarded shit sometimes. The Lee Priest comment would be one of them. But I like you man :slight_smile:


It's mutual wide. I honestly do beleive that Preist does not use anywhere near the levels of Coleman or even Cutler. He's one goddam genetically gifted M.F. 5 grams a week ain't gonna give U Preists' HUGE freakin arms that Stan Lee himself couldn't draw. Even Synthol aint' gonna do that.

It all goes back to my personal opinion on juice use. If U ain't got it juice ain't gonna give to ya, but it will get u down the road faster.


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I'm not that impressed with IGF, to be honest...nor insulin.

I used insulin a few years ago and didn't think it added much at all to my cycle. As for IGF, I rarely see impressive before and after pics of people who only used IGF.

I actually rarely see any decent pics at all on the internet, despite all the "gurus" we have on it.