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Anyone Wrapped Up in Everquest?


..anyone ever get wrapped up in the game that gave birth to World of Warcraft?

I'm 32 and proud to say I did, though it was many moons ago, back in 2001 or so.

I've seen certain things posted here that make me think I'm not the only one..


Yeah, a long ass time ago. Then I left and played a few others.

Glad I finally kicked the habit.


Nah, I'm actually enjoying having a life.

...says the guy posting on an internet message board?

But in all seriousness, hell no.


The Internet is for nerds. Ya bunch of nerds.


I used to play WoW... fuck that shit, lifting is a much better "way of life"


haha it's pretty funny that the first 4 responses knew exactly why they called it evercrack


I'd rather rack up a high post count making random unrelated posts on T-Nation.com to be honest.


I tried MMOs once.

I think I would have been better off just doing drugs, more fun.


I used to play WoW from like 8th grade through Freshman year. I just got bored of it and stopped. I realized what a fucking huge, never ending waste of time it was.

I started lifting a few months before I stopped playing and I'm really glad that I did.

I'd say that I wasted a lot of my time playing the game, but to be honest, I did not have much of a life during 8th grade and Freshman year. I started doing more amusing shit after Freshman year and stopped playing because it was boring and had too many people that pissed me off.


Although, gaming goes very well with lifting :wink:

Lift and then eat and play video games the rest of the day. Win.


That game sucked..

but I couldn't stop playing it.

God damnit, the same thing happened with World of Warcraft.

I'm clean now. I swear.

Just don't mention Warhammer Online and we're good to go.


the only thing i know about that game is watching the video where some insane gamer died in real life so they had an online funeral for the guy, then a bunch of people went in a killed everyone during it, it was funny....it was in the news i think


tell me this isent funny.


Holding an e-funeral is offensive. They got pwned, and they deserved it.



I never played any MMOs, but that video was so funny, as was the Funeral Ownage one.


Only reason they held the E-funeral is because it was a chick. But I loved how they crashed the funeral. They played the Misfits as they made their way to the target zone.


Leeroy Jenkins actually got mentioned on Jeopardy. http://youtube.com/watch?v=1o8g8GIya_I


i think Prof X has been playing since V.2.04


I knew a few hockey players that secretly played WoW but were ashamed of it.

Most of them quit after about a year or two but one of them kept playing and dropped out of school, stopped doing sports, got kicked out of his parents house and sold his motorbike to pay for rent.

I have no idea where he's at now. Oh yeah, he got fat as fuck too.


DAMN, He might as well of smoked crack. At least than he would have got to fuck some crack whores instead of spanking it to some elf avatar. He wouldn't have gotten fat either.