Anyone Worried about Getting Covid-19 at Their TRT Blood Test?

Anyone else out here worried baout going into their TRT appt and getting covid. Its about as close proximity to strangers who probably live all over your area.

Anyone have a clinic thats telling them not to come in.

Were having an outbreak and Ive done well at staying away from people for quite some time and dont really want to risk it to go get blood drawn.

Anyone still worried about this COVID circus?

Not sure about clinics particularly, but doctors’ offices have been taking extra measures to limit contact - minimized time in the waiting room so you’re not sitting around other patients, masks worn while in the office, etc. For a while, they were rescheduling non-urgent appointments, but when things started reopening, lower priority stuff like basic check-ups were back on.

Call ahead to where ever you’re going and they should let you know what to expect. If you’re not comfortable with how they’re setup, postpone the bloodwork. I went for my yearly checkup a few weeks ago and got blood drawn without an issue, just those basic safety protocols in place.

Yes, the people who’ve had friends and family get sick and/or die from it. Also, the non-ignorant people living in areas with outbreaks.

You want to answer the guy’s question, go ahead. You want to ramble about the virus, go here: Coronavirus - What Happened?

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Unless you or someone you’re in frequent contact with has any major illnesses or is in the later years of your life, try not to worry yourself too much. I live in one of the worst areas for cases and death count, I had it myself, if you’re otherwise healthy, chances are you’ll be fine.

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The tech should be wearing a mask, and so should you. Get your test. Vonko’s house is not on fire since his part of the world handled things well. The fact that I, as an American citizen, will soon not be allowed into the EU is a reality. Which leaves me with no choice but to believe that the circus is real.
The science of wearing a mask is and will always be the same. Next time you have to be opened up by a surgeon tell him that hes being a follower and that wearing a mask is for pussies. Anyway, yes I think about it but Im not worried. You can take every precaution and still die. So be careful, wear your seatbelt to the test, wear a mask and wash your hands. T

I live in Rhode Island covid never changed my routine except my shopping experience. I never missed a day of work. I’m a union pipe fitter and have worked on probably 10 different jobs since covid started. Have been to work related training classes(hazmat refresher ironically) had labs drawn, have been to Drs offices that tend to cater to people who tend to carry and spread diseases. Had someone drive up from TN to deliver me a dog a few weeks after the national guard manned the borders. I have 3 kids and a pregnant wife, covid has been blown out of proportion