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Anyone Worked Security at Football Games?

Anyone ever worked security at football games? I will be working this weekend, as a side job to make a few dollars. Looking to see if any of you have done this before if so what should I expect? Thanks all.

I am hoping to do it when I go away to uni. It seems fairly simple, its a good way to see the game for free.

This guy has.

Little league, high school, college?

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
Little league, high school, college?[/quote]

Professional, my buddy got a gig doing this on the side and I plan on helping him out on the weekend. I’ve never done it before, not sure what to expect haha.

what city? Each pro team has different types of fans that create different atmospheres, and locals would be best suited to answer your question.


Raiders fans are psychotic, paint faces and wear football pads with spikes on them. You could expect to be constantly dealing with assholes, due to the fact that they are always pissed off because the Raiders suck balls.

If you were working a Bills game, you could expect to freeze your buttoff, but since you would already be living in Buffalo you would be used to that. Bad example I guess.

If you were working an Eagles game you could expect to deal with a plethora of drunk, obnoxious folk.

All in all, you should be in for a good experience.