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Anyone with Shoulder Problems After Starting TRT?

It’s odd. Ever since starting trt it feels as if both shoulders are always in pain. Like the ligaments are too stretched out and painful. Especially pressing movements.

I have been a gym rat for well over 20 years and should have some issues by this point, but it coincidentally started worse with trt

My e2 isn’t low either.

I experienced similar when first starting, lasted a month or so. Switched to neutral position dumbells, etc. helped.

Remind me @roscoe88 , are you taking an AI? And what is your TT and E2?

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I get stiff joints when E2 is high, it’s from fluid retention. If could be that your joints and ligaments are in repair mode so take it easy for the next couple of months or you’ll do more damage. Your muscles grow at a faster rate than your joints and ligaments can heal.

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I’ve switched over to 60mg e3d with .5 ai at shot time… and don’t have labs yet.

When I was 50mg e3d without ai, I was TT 870 and FT high out of range and e2 around 29.

Ive had the shoulder issue since starting though. It hurts to even sleep on my sides

AI discussion aside, its possible form was off and you injured yourself. I did this with incline benching and it took months to rehab both shoulders. I MAY have also crashed my E2 but regardless my form was off.

Possibly but I’ve got so many years experience that I doubt it was form.

It’s likely arthritic in nature

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What’s odd is my joints / knees have been super stiff for days lately when I wake up. It takes a good minute or two for me to be able to walk and I just stand there.

I’ve never felt this type of stiffness in my life until about two weeks ago.

@enackers Changes in protocol?

Yah 3 or 4 weeks ago I dropped it. I’m 7/8 weeks in right now. I am wondering if I’m having high e2 . I do have a lack of sensitivy in the third leg, depression and Brian fog, lethargy…

I’ve had maybe 3 days of feeling well in the entire time doing trt. I might be more tolerant of high e2 and that’s why I didn’t really think about the symptoms. Instead I’m thinking my thyroid might be why I wasn’t feeling any benefit from trt. Not even 10% benefit. Maybe it is high e2.

I’m on a low daily dose vs my previous .