Anyone with RTS Experience?

Hey guys,

I’ve got my hands on mike tuscherers RTS manual and i’d like to give the basic template a go in a couple weeks. It rotates between 3 week volume blocks and 3 week intensity blocks, and he lists different set rep schemes you can use for each, i.e Volume: Triples at 8-9 RPE, 5’s at 9 RPE, etc. He talks about varying your intensity/volume constantly and being fairly random in deciding which set/reps to use.

This is possibly a dumb question, but does this mean i rotate week to week or block to block? IOW doing 5’s wk 1, 2’s wk 2, 3’s wk 3 vs doing 5’s for the entire 3 week volume block.

Week-to-week. I’ve used the method and trained with a couple people coached by Mike. A lot has changed with what he’s doing since that book came out, but it is still good info. If you’re just starting out with the template in the book, do something like:


  1. 4@8.5/5% fp
  2. 5@9/5%
  3. 4@9/5%


Test in week 7 or roll into another volume block. Keep it simple

I would spend some time on his forum as well as he’s made some changes to his basic template since the book came out.