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Anyone with PCOS?


I know this is kind of an odd place to be posting this, but I know a lot of you are very knowledgeable with nutrition and metabolism etc, so I thought I'd get some feedback from you ladies. I was just recently diagnosed with PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. This has coincided with my diagnosis of Crohn's, or seems to be related since I used to be regular with my periods before Crohn's and now with Crohn's I don't get a period.

I was diagnosed with PCOS via ultrasound, there were several cysts on my ovaries. However, all the blood work I got back to test for PCOS was normal. I'm really confused on what to do, since my doctor prescribed a medication called Metformin, which is an anti-diabetic med that is supposed to lower your insulin resistance which should then lower the testosterone your body creates which is what is causing you not to ovulate and develop the cysts on your ovaries. My fasting blood sugar came back normal, and my testosterone levels came back normal.

If anyone can help me with these questions or has experience with PCOS, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Is it possible that I'm still insulin resistant though my fasting blood sugar came back normal? I do notice if I eat too many carbs I crash, so I don't think I'm all that insulin sensitive.

Do I need to stay low carb all the time if I am possibly insulin resistant? I've read some places that say that if you stay low carb too long, you can mess up your thyroid. Does it matter more if I stay low carb or just stick with low glycemic?

Are there any natural routes I can take to help with the PCOS?

How much exercise should I do to better my insulin sensitivity? I have a history of overexercising, so I don't feel like I have a good grasp on what is a normal/healthy amount without going overboard. Right now I think I'm OK lifting 3 days a week full body and 2 days cardio. Do you think that's sufficient?

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear. I've visited some PCOS forums, but not many people seem very knowledgeable about nutrition. Oh, also, I'm not overweight, a majority if women with PCOS are obese, but I'm in the healthy range, though I do tend to gain more weight in my abdomen area more than other areas which I know can signify insulin resistance. However my waist to hip ratio is in the normal range too.




Thanks, CBear. I appreciate the link.


Hey there...I get cysts on my ovaries and have since a teen. Very painful...
My Dr. put me on birth control when I was a teen and it made them shrink away, and stay away! I was able to get pregnant because we caught it so fast and for about 6 years after my daughters birth I was symptom free! It was heaven...

Unfortunately I am having issues again and have to be VERY careful when my period starts because it tends to cause the cysts to burst which REALLY hurts and makes me REALLY sick REALLY quickly, lol. Not a good situation when you are out and about!

I have been thinking of going back on the pill as I have yet to find any other natural method and the birth control seems to be the most friendly...

Just an idea for you to bring up to your Dr. Good luck!!


Hey coyotegal,

Sorry to hear about your painful cysts and having them burst! That sounds horrible. I'm glad the birth control works for you. Did your doctor ever tell you why you were getting them?

Mine don't hurt, I wouldn't even know they were there without having had an ultrasound. Unfortunately for me, I've found that most hormones make my Crohn's flare. Last time I tried birth control just for one month, it really flared my Crohn's, so I'm afraid to get back on it. My cycles are so out of whack since I got Crohn's, I've only had 3 periods for a year and a half, and the last two were because of the birth control.

I think my Crohn's is directly related to what's going on with the cysts and my cycle, since I couldn't get it under control for so long my body just kind of shut down. My husband and I would really like to try and conceive soon, but I have to get this all figured out first.

Anyways, I appreciate your advice as I'm kind of lost as to what to do. Hope you get your situation figured out!