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Anyone with Knowledge on LGD 4033?

I am currently working on a recomp. I am 36, about 5’11’’ and currently at 203lbs and about 10% BF. I just dropped from 217 in the last 4-5 weeks and am really looking to add some lean mass while I continue to lean out.

I am and have taken nothing but protein shakes and some pre workout so I am a pretty big puss when it comes to putting things in my body.

This LGD 4033 was recommended by a coach I respect and most of what I have found outside of the odd Reddit post seems fairly positive.

What I was really curious about was the risks and potential for suppression, the need, if any for a PCT and what the likelihood of rebounding to normal levels after is.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

had a buddy take it with some other stuff, including GW, Mk677, and albuterol, he loved it for 4 weeks, awesome strength and size gains leaned out, than weak 5 he felt like dog shit because the suppression was so bad, I wouldn’t run it with out a light test base, it does have certain advatanges as far as sides go, won’t effect the prostate, or the hairline at all, sense theres almost no conversion, shouldn’t be any gyno things like that, I wouldn’t recommend it solo, if doing a solo run of a Sarm, I would do ostarine because in theory its suppose to be the least suppresive

Thanks for the feedback. The plan was to run it for 4 weeks at 5mg per to potentially help with adding some muscle while dropping fat. My coach is keenly aware I am not moving to the real stuff so recommended I look at this with RAD 140 stacked and something like HCGenerate to help with any suppression although the short run with a lower dose “shouldn’t” have much of an effect.

I am wasn’t planning on running the stack and was more comfortable running just one, might be me being a giant puss but as I mentioned, I have always been fairly supplement free.

The goal is to try and get ready for Classic Division within the next 6monthsd or so.

Would there be more befit to running the RDA140 or Osta solo?

Id rather run osta at low doses solo, if you really don’t like the idea of hardcore real shit, look into getting some MK 677, this is a gherlin mimic, at about 50mg a day you get pretty great effects, almost identical to GH, and the GW aka cardarine, is an awesome drug for dropping fat, and albuterol I would run too, great for a cut, for your show, the second option of mk gw and albuterol is safer, because none of those drugs are supervise one bit

the only people that i see that actually recommend running multiple SARMs are the people that sell them… i really doubt stacking 2 or 3 is gonna give you much added benefit, since they all work by the same mechanism.

the people that push the HCGenerate are the same assholes that tell people to run SARMs in PCT, and that it’s not suppressive. all the SARMs are suppressive when they’re run at doses that will give you real gains in size and strength…

IMO, the ony advantage to running SARMs over regular AAS (testosterone, etc) is if the user is looking to avoid legal issues or has pre-existing prostate issues.

So is there really any benefit to taking this stuff at 5mg for 4 weeks? Right now I’m a little in the small side for classic so some quality lbs would be great. If I’m doing more harm than good though what’s the point?

Will the suppression be that severe and does it bounce back upon stopping?

Sorry for noob questions. Just trying to sift through all the conflicting information out there.

I believe the saturation dose is a lot larger than many anticipate, I think for big guys its 30 to 40mg, Ive had a great experience so far tbh, and I’m 60 days in

your good, and id say no, a 4 week cycle would not have enough benefits to out weight the risk of full supression