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Anyone with At Least Moderate Scoliosis (+20 degrees) Here? Scoliosis Story

Hi Guys,

I just want to connect with fellow lifters with scoliosis to share/ask questions.I was diagnosed with a 42 degrees S-shaped scoliosis when I was 14/15.

I had to wear brace for a year while carefully watched my posture all the time. My curve went down to 38 degrees of dextroscoliosis and 26 degrees of levoscoliosis after that.

At age of 18, I started lifting weights on and off, my curve went down again to 33 degrees of dextroscoliosis while the levoscoliosis degree remained unchanged. At the age of 20 I started lifting consistently up till now. It has been two years since then (I am 22 now). I just did an x-ray again a couple months ago, My curve is currently 30 degrees dextroscoliosis and 20 degrees of levoscoliosis.

Some of the things that really helped me were strengthening my back and avoiding exercises that put to much pressure on the lower back such as back squats, dead lifts, barbell rows and barbell overhead press. Front squats, dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell rows are fine for me as long as I keep my form tight and wear a belt.

I went from severe/near-severe scoliosis to close to moderate/low-moderate scoliosis, I can attribute a lot of this to my weight training. I have never had a surgery and I don’t plan to do one at least right now. I can notice muscular imbalances on my back (especially lower back) and my abs are ugly. But so far my progress has been rather amazing. If you guys have any advice, story or comment please feel free to discuss. I am always trying to learn.

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Good for you mane. Did some doctor tell you to go lift or is it something you’ve done yourself?

When I here scoliosis I think of guys like Gant and Jamieson but I guess it’s different with different degrees of scoliosis

My doctors didn’t tell me anything about avoiding lifting weights. He just referred me to a physical therapist that suggested me to do some lengthening and lightweight strengthening exercises. But these didn’t have great effects on my curvature I feel. Lifting heavy weights helped me way more. But it can also make the worse. I listened to my body and did what feels right. Technically, anything that puts too much pressure on the lower back should be avoided and anything that strengthens the back without somehow putting too much pressure on the lower back is very beneficial (e.g, pull-ups, hyperextension, isolateral row, chest-supported row).

Gant is a freak of nature and one in a billion. I believe he has severe scoliosis 50+ degrees which is way worse than mine. The other guy I have never heard of him.

Funny you should say that cos Jamieson broke Gant’s world record

Haha I don’t follow powerlifting. That is amazing though

I grew up with mild scoliosis. The more I’ve lifted, the more it’s gone away. At this point it’s pretty much gone, though is still deal with some things that stemmed from it.

What was the degree?

I don’t honestly know, it’s been 20+ years since I was diagnosed. I’d have to ask my mom TBH. It was minor and I never had to do much for it, but it caused some hip and low back muscular issues that got me into competitive swimming when I was growing up on doctor recommendations.

there is the schroth method which is a chiropractic method with breathing to straighten the curves and fix the weak areas