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Anyone willing to help me making a decent-nonstupid cycle?

Hello , i previously created this thread ( sorry for spam ) , here : Help Planning First Cycle, Turanabol/Clen
As u can see , im an newbie , after hours and hours of documentation , i understand that , yes doing only a TBOL only cycle without a merely TEST , or smth , is stupid without a doubt
Thanks: @ blshaw
@unreal24278 XD

And i need to loose some kg’s first , and ill stick with clen for some time , and a proper diet / going to the gym , AFTER that , i will do a proper cycle , and here is where i need your help,please, im not an ignorant fool who have some drugs,and eh well… told u @zeek1414 , i will lissen to anyone who will spare some of his/her/free time to help a newbie
So basically i have turanabol , and i don’t know with what to combine , only test , or another thing ?
Most importantly i already have GYNOcomastia , so i need , from what i read , some Aromasin for it to supress it ( in case if it develops furthermoore ), B6 / zinc / NAC sustain ( this one i got it from u zeeke <3 ) LIV 52 , omega - 3 , taurine , and ofc clomid ,nolvadex
I’m 1,75m ( 5,7 foot )
27 y/o , male
95 kg , already have a-gym-history behind me

So please guys , help me with a good , proper cycle , and ofc a PCT for it , i won’t play around with this thing of stuff by myself , and for nothing in the end ( like taking only tbol , cuz why not )
im not afraid of pins or things like that
any help will be apreciated , even critics , i repeat , already have gynecomastia , i wanna get some decent amount of gains , i mean , good hard muscle , like the one u got from tbol , anavar , winst , etc , not bloated one
Im not ignorant , so any one willing to help me would be greately apreciated

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