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Anyone Who Lifts with GERD, How Do You Deal with It?

Basically, I try to not drink a lot of coffee and eat food that might trigger it, I still drink coffee and eat fatty food and chocolate sometimes because it is impossible to get rid of them in my life. I also try to minimize stress. However, sometimes life problems are inevitable, whether they are work or relationship problems.

That combined with not a whole lot of trigger food can really activate my GERD. As a result, I had to get medication and couldn’t work out as intensely because my stomach felt full and I felt nauseous and coughed a lot

I also noticed I lost weight (looks like it is muscle) every time my GERD is coming up. Maybe there’s something about it that makes the stomach cannot absorb protein or other nutrients as efficiently I don’t know.

Anyway, I tried to get more veggies and fruits in my diet and also probiotics. If you have any other solution how to deal with GERD let me know

Not saying it is, just a direction to look in-

Why is it impossible?