Anyone Who Beat Primary Hypogonadism

I was diagnosed with Primary Hypogonadism and put on TRT about 9 months back.

The doctor only looked at the T-Level and LH/FSH/Prolactin levels and since the T-level was at 125 and other three were within range, I was diagnosed as Primary Hypogonadism candidate. No other tests were performed.

I wanted to find out if I am primary and if there is anyone who had beaten primary by taking any medication and with exercise.

I wanted to find out if following high-intensity exercise and with any other medicine, if we can make the body start producing testosterone naturally and if anyone has done it before and any success stories.

It would be great hope for me if this is possible, as I am very close to giving up hope on my life.

If the cause is iron toxicity this is sometimes correctable by reducing iron levels (blood donation and low iron diet.)

It might be (probably is, but I have no experience in it) that if the cause is environmental toxins, ending or greatly reducing exposure to the toxins and allowing time might reverse or largely reverse the problem.

High oxidative stress can be a cause of low testosterone production relative to amount of LH. In some cases antioxidants can help; exercise can also upregulate antioxidant enzymes in the testes and according to literature could help if reactive oxygen stress is the problem, but I don’t happen to have examples I know of personally. It’s not impossible though.