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Anyone Watching Dynamite MMA


Just wondering if anyone is watching






Live updates are here:

From their description, it sounds like Sak dominated the fight but he lost by decision?

Anyone watching the fight think Gracie should have won? I knew he'd win going in, as K-1 is corrupt as all hell. I have to give it to Sak that they couldn't pay him enough to take a dive. (I have no question K-1 officials, especially after the infamous "greasing" incident, offered to pay Sak to take a dive.)


He didn't win it, I don't know where this is coming from. Saku had a couple of good exchanges but most of the fight was royce pushing the pace and keeping him at bay... pretty horrible and I really hope that saku retires.

Horrible card altogether actually.. I'm glad dong sik yoon finally got a win and can go back to korea now though.

and if it was fixed.. why wasn't it exciting?

I only hope that some of the actual talent can somehow get out into an actual mma event... it doesn't have to be the ufc either.. ifl, bodog, cage rage, rumble on the rock, icon sport, tko, any of them... really I can't get over how awful it was...

plus Johnnie Morton got hurt in all of it too... way to go k1...


Another commentator notes that the fight was boring, but it seems like Sak was more active in making submission attempts:

I'll wait until a) I see the fight or b) donut62 comments before making up my mind.



On the Sak/Royce Fight:

-Sak willingly took a butt-scooting Royce's leg kicks for over a minute
-Sak allowed Royce to upkick him repeatedly before eventually backing out
-Sak went for his Renzo kimura numerous times, at one point holding the wrist while blocking Royce's punches with his other hand
-Twice Sak had one hook and was working for Royce's back, including the finish, in which Sak had an arm, and rolled to attempt an armbar

I had Sak Rd 1, Royce Rd 2, and Sak Rd 3. Royce's clinch largely consisted of knees to Sak's wrapped knee. His standup largely consisted of kicks to that lead knee. It was not the most eventful fight.

They slapped hands after Rd 1 and hugged after 2. Sak spent much of Rd 2 and 3 with one wrist controlled for kimura, with back to Royce. He did quite a bit of talking from this position.

Lesnar passed half guard to mount with ease. That was interesting. Kim was helpless with a low center of gravity Lesnar atop him. Solid looking punches from half and mount from Lesnar's right hand.

Morton didn't submit to substance testing post-fight. Not a good MMA debut for him, and he likely won't be fighting again anytime soon, as he'll be suspended by CSAC.

Yoon Dong Sik v Melvin Manhoef was FOTN.


The freaks show that was K-1:


Mortan knew the fucking risk, didn't train had enough, and got knocked out by a comedian with better stand-up/striking.


K-1 is an abortion.


K-1 MMA is an abortion of regular K-1...which would of been better to watch.


Maybe K-1 MAX is worth watching, but other than Badr Hari and Ruslan K-1 is a bunch of 40 something former greats lumbering along because they missed years of recruiting top fighters to make money off of freak show fights.


The Royce fight was pretty hard to score. It would've been nice if they could've done a no time limit/no round fight because that is where those two needed to be. Saku looked kind of weird out there, he didn't do much the entire fight.

I could see round one going to either Royce or Saku, Saku connected on a decent right had to Royce early but then Royce pretty much did everything else for the rest of the round.

Round 2 was Royce's
and Round 3 was fairly even with Saku not willing to push the pace at all and Royce probably feeling he was ahead on the cards not willing to engage either.

So two rounds were tossups and one round was Royce's, I say Royce one that fight. Not dominatingly, but fairly clearly.

Also, I would hate to have Lesnar mount me...it looked like that sucked. And you guys have got to check out Johnny Morton's introduction to MMA, that was fucking great. Goldberg(not Mike, but the "wrestler") never needs to do commentary again. I know I've bagged on Rogan a couple times, but Goldberg is a fricking idiiot.


By the way, if anyone caught the WEC on versus Sunday night, looks like zuffa has got another promotion working well, and it just goes to show k1 how to do things right. WEC is a really slick, exciting promotion that I'm now looking forward to a lot.


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Rogan, Rutten, and Trigg should take turns beating the shit out of Goldberg for not having any business doing commentary. I love how he cheered like a buffoon when Lesner won. What a turd.