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Anyone Watching Denver Versus New England?


I am not always the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to football.
When the guy from N.E. knocked Champ Bailey out of bounds, how could that of ever ended up N.E.'s ball? I don't understand the protest (which Denver won).


If Bailey had fumbled the ball into the enszone, or on the other side of the pylon, it would have been New England's ball at their own 20.

Since the refs ruled that the ball went out of bounds in the field of play - it was Denver's ball inside the 1.



That was a hilarious game.


I know Bronco's nailed them huge. I moved from Denver a few months ago.


Hilarious how New England simply self-destructed. Fumbles, missed FG, pass interference, etc.


I'm just glad the Steelers won't be playing NE again after they beat the Colts tomorrow.


I was kind of rooting for New England.

But then you see jake Plummer- this gigantic hillbilly with a beard and hair to his ass, and, well, I can't root against him. He seems like he trekked down from the Colorado mountains just to play that game...and right now, he's climbing back up.

Plus they have John Lynch, who I have always admired. I'm a Broncos fan for the playoffs this year...God knows my Giants are playing golf.


That game was dominated in the second half by the patriots. The refs blew that pass interference call in the first half, and the Bailey fumble out of the endzone. The Broncos will LOSE to Pittsburgh next weekend, who by the way came real close to getting hosed by the refs in that game today. Polamalu makes an interception and the ref makes up a rule about the knee being down and it being incomplete. What the fuck is that shit? I've played football and been around the game since I was a little kid and I've never seen such horrible officiating at any level, much less at the professional level.