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Anyone Watching Apoceclipse?

Are people in your neck of the woods going crazy over the eclipse? Anyone plan on seeing it?

My house is 3 miles from the center of the eclipse path. They are telling us millions of people will be coming to my city and to buy groceries the Thursday before. I’ve got friends who have rented rooms out for over $1,000 a night.

Seems crazy for ~90 seconds of darkness.

Yup, I too live in “the path” and they are telling us that there are going to be waaaaaaaaay too many people here and to stock up on groceries a full week in advance. People are Air B’n’B ing (?) their homes out for the weekend for like $3,000-$5,000.

I think Maine will only get 68% coverage, but that’s still a good excuse to wander around outside instead of working.

If I had more free time I’d start a solar eclipse doomsday cult and fleece a few suckers out of their life savings.


I live close but not in the path, with all the people going its not worth it, mostly because I didn’t plan ahead to get a place to spend the night. I don’t even think one night before is good enough. You need to stay somewhere at least saturday til tuesday with enough food and supplies to not have to leave. Too many people planned ahead to get there, but not many considered once its over they will all try to go home at once. I heard gas could be a problem too.

That’s nuts! Blows my mind people would pay this much for an eclipse.

TBH, I wish I wasn’t so close. It’s caused me to have to cancel weekend plans that I made quite awhile ago. The only good news is that my new place is one of two finished homes in a new development. So, google maps won’t show my street for people to meander to.

My fiancé insists that we are going to see it. I insist that it’s going to be a cluster fuck, and we’re only going to arrive a few hours early, because I’m working the night before. So I’m 99% sure I’m going to hate the whole fucking experience.

Abody got a link to a map of the path/areas that will get it?


$3,000 - $5000 !?!?

I’m sure I’m about the 300,000,000 person to ask it, but damn - what if it’s cloudy?

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We have fires nearby and, despite being 90+ degrees, can’t see the sky through the smoke. Good possibility of that happening here.

No refunds. The worst part about clouds is there will be some warning of them ahead of time so a bunch of people might be trying to drive somewhere that has a better view last minute. The Oregon coast will most likely be that, its overcast most mornings to mid day.

Yeah it’s wild (with the caveat that I don’t know that they’ve been taken up on that price tag, I just know it is being offered at that price and they seem confident it will get rented), and as far as clouds and smoke, welp…

I was watching eclipse videos with my second grader last night… eclispes seriously had to scare the shit out of people thousands of years ago.

Every time I see this thread I think it’s some new anime I haven’t heard of…

Realized I need to travel for business on the 21st. I’ll be on a flight from Chicago to San Antonio from 12:15PM - 3:09PM / Central Time. Supposedly watching from a plane is pretty sweet and there’s obviously no risk of clouds getting in the way. Seems like the Sun would be totally overhead, but hopefully I’ll get a good view. I’m Global 1K so I picked a window seat in business class. I’ll post some picks if the view is any good.



It’s gonna be a Big weekend for East Tennessee. Bristol Night Race Saturday! Eclipse Monday!

Once in a lifetime alignment!

Have you seen Apocalypto?

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