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Anyone Watch the ESPN 30 for 30 Film?


I lent the editor of the film a dvd of marcus dupree's highlights, and the ended up using some and giving me a credit at the end of the film under the thanks part

great film by the way, the best so far was the 2 escobars, and the one about the U


I usually watch the 30 for 30 films, I'll have to give this one a look.

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the one about The U, I love knowing what it's accomplished and hate seeing it no longer at that level lol.


Yep, I watch most of them but missed the Escobar one. I liked this one alot.

Why did you have his highlight tapes?


I fell in love with 30 for 30 after watching the Run Ricky Run one.


Never seen it, but "Mayne Street" is HILARIOUS.


The best one in my incredibly biased opinion- The Band That Wouldn't Die:



the one about divac and that other dude was ridiculously good.


Excellent series.


I'm a huge OU fan, and a few years back, another fan, sent me a dvd of early 80s highlights and marcus dupree highlights. I posted them on youtube, and hock films editor Steve contacted me

i just watched it again on espn2 and shot vid of my name hee hee
yes its gay


great film


Jared allen is one funny son of a gun. And the inspiration for my mullet


Once Brothers and Two Escobars were the best.


Run Ricky Run was powerful and stuck out to me because of the shit I used to hear about Ricky Williams from sports analysts on ESPN when he was moving in and out of the league. Now I'm a huge fan of PTI but when they showed the clips of Tony and Mike talking about Ricky I remembered that and couldn't help think how idiotic they sound in hindsight.