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Anyone Want to Train theBird?


Hi buddies,

Welcome to this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am now accepting applications for those who would like to train me in the offseason.

Im a semi-pro soccer player and my aims for the offseason is to increase strength, improve flexibility/mobility and maintain a decent level of conditioning and skill. I would also like to work on my explosive power. As a soccer player I am not looking to add massive amount of weight.

I have recently acquired a pair of gymnastic rings and parallettes and would like to incoorpearte some basic gymnastic work more for fun/challenge.

I have a history of lower back problems and I generally dont squat or deadlift, although I am keen to get back into squatting again and maybe deadlifting if I can correct my imbalances. I have been doing mostly single leg work for my legs for the past year.

Please apply for the coaching position here. The position will involve programming 3 days of gym work in the gym, and 2-3 days of conditioning/skill work. Supplementation and diet will also be influenced by the coach. I will be reporting most days and pictures/videos will be a key feature of this training log.

I know these "train me" threads have been done to death lately, but I believe this will be unique as my main aim will be performance/strength/conditioning based, rather than bodybuilding/aesthetics.

Uncle Bird.



Not to sound like a dick, but this post comes off as extremely egotistical - why the hell would anyone "apply" to train you? They're offering their knowledge, and more importantly, time, and getting what in return, exactly? You might want to rephrase the OP if you're serious about having someone train you.


Well m just seeing who is available to train me.



I took Bird's tone more as tongue in cheek, I don't think he actually meant to present it as if training him would really be a privilege to his coach. Bird, do you think a different forum might be a better place for this thread? I feel like BSL is more dedicated to aesthetics; maybe the conditioning forum, or even combat might have some good speed/agility-minded athletes.


Ah my mistake, maybe I was reading into the post a little bit too literally. Sorry to derail!


I thought this forum would be most appropriate but I would be happy for it to be moved to a more suitable forum if required.



Its all good bro.



If I ever go to Australia (which may happen in the next year), I will come lift with ya, Uncle Bird.


Isn't the "semi-pro" soccer coach supposed to do this for you?


Dunno, do some squats, pulls, presses, and sprints maybe?

ps: Was wondering what you mean by "semi-pro soccer player". Do they even have a proper pro soccer league in Australia?


Dude, it's a country outside the USA, it's the world's most popular sport.

Safe bet is yes, they have a team.


What made you believe that I'm a retard?