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Anyone Want to Trade IGs?


My feed is pretty much dead and boring. I also love following and interacting with fellow lifters. If anyone wants Im down to follow and make new friends. Be warned though I tend to shit post and share dank ass memes so if you’re the type to get easily offended save yourself the hassle haha

Any IG users on here?

I always try to follow anyone who follows me, but as my own feed is either my artwork, or bodybuilding related, I’m constantly regretting how I “do” social media.

1- “hey, some young artlst/newb competitor started following me! I’ll follow back and even like a few of their images to be supportive”

2- (next day) “wait, that kid whose drawings were horrible/physique was laughable unfollowed me?! Wth?!”



i hate people that do that. I normally dont understand why people unfollow out of the blue like that. I had someone follow me at my gym who I thought was a cool dude, we even chatted a few times and then after like a week or two he unfollowed me/.


Maybe you have a boring instagram account?


It’s a switcheroo. They follow you so that you follow them, then they drop you so that it looks like they have lots of followers.

It’s the new version of being too cool.


I understand the approach, but who in their right mind wants their feed filled with crap? I only tolerate horrible art work or sub-average physiques because I think being mutually supportive is a good thing, but these days any idiot who can do a push-up is an online coach? Anyone who owns a pencil needs to push people to hire them for commissions…

Honestly, I’ve forgotten more about training and nutrition than most of these idiots amassing IG followers.



I agree. The artists and craftsmen that I have on my Facebook might put up some pics of recently completed work every few months or so because they’re really busy.

They usually have about 6 followers and 2 likes. They aren’t trying to be “relevant”, they’re trying to meet deadlines.


A lot of the follows and unfollows are automatic. Businesses use programs to like, follow, and unfollow for marketing purposes.

Hit me up if you want. I try to post fairly regularly, but I can’t promise anything exciting…


Just to add a bit more to this, your following:followed ratio is (was?) considered a key measurement of how influential you are in your social network.

If you have lots of followers compared to those following you, you are more likely to get promotional offers.


I use instagram to find and send memes to my college friends and as a way to find shit I want to buy. I was looking for a smart home door lock, googled it, then opened up instagram and instantly was hit with two ads and a 30% off. I’ve also bought 7 different pairs of gym shoes directly from instagram ads.


I must be using it wrong. I thought it was a place for insecure guys and girls who’s fathers didn’t pay enough attention to them to trade their dignity for imaginary internet points. Learn something new everyday on here…


That’s Tumblr, lol


Just got this on IG


You definitely are.


I only post lifting vids and the occasional shit post. I just made a new one because some soft cuck reported my account because of some offensive dark memes lol My stories due tend to have some borderline conservative memes and shitposts so thats probably why lol


I will be honest; when I saw the phrase “soft cuck”, I lost interest. I could see it happening with others.


It’s ok. Some just arent mentally strong enough, and that’s ok. Mother nature cant make everyone superior. it could make natural selection obsolete.


If you exemplify the master race my misanthropy isn’t unjustified :slight_smile:


Careful with the big words. We are working with someone here who uses “dank ass memes” in their speech.


I just realized you were the dude who made the alphadestiny love fest post. This all makes so much sense now.