Anyone Want to Sell Me a Pair of Lifting Shoes?

I would like to get a pair of Olympic lifting shoes. I’m size 12. I’m a poor student, so I can’t afford much. I will take used or new…

You can offer to cut peoples lawns etc or do chores for people. After 3-4 weekends you should have enough to get a pair mate.


up until 4/2/11 is selling their oly shoes for $40.

Thanks Fugarza. I checked it out and seriously thought about buying those, but I think i’m going to hold out for some off of Pendlay’s site…they just seemed a lot better while still being reasonably priced. So, Koing, i guess i’m taking your advice lol.

Thanks guys

Those VS shoes are really great. Myself and one other has had them for over a year. I lift in mine at least 3x a week and they are still in great condition. Three people in my gym have the pendlays and the sole is coming undone on the front lead toe on all three. An easy enough fix but the problem doesn’t exist in the VS shoes.