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Anyone Want to Place a Bet?


Current odds from a respectable Oz bookie are currently:

Barack Obama 1.13
John Mccain 5.25
Any Other Candidate 151.00

I'm thinking of putting $100 on McCain for a laugh...

EDIT: Bookies usually get it right I might add.


I think McCain is a reasonable longshot bet. I make many of them on NFL games and have made some good scratch this year on upsets.


FWIW FiveThirtyEight currently has McCain winning about 4% of the time.



Actually, bookies are merely trying to get equal numbers of bettors on each side. They cant lose this way.


The odds are now:

Barack Obama 1.07
John Mccain 7.00
Any Other Candidate 251.00

(Its Melbourne Cup (the most popular horse race over here) the same day as the US Election so us Aussies are having a betting wet dream).


bingo. odds going up for one candidate only (usually) means more money is coming in on that candidate and they want to encourage more on the other side to hedge.


True, but opening lines can often signal something. If the opening lines for something look really off, it generally means the bookmakers -- and the big money -- know something the public doesn't.


Weekly reader has Obama winning.

It's over folks.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dear Diary, I don't know what is worse: knowing that either Obama or McCain will be my next president or seeing all the smug, self satisfied smiles of the Obama supporters walking around with the "I voted" stickers on their Obama buttons.

If the line isn't too long today I may make it to the polls to vote.


I've already seen my fair share. It's going to be Obama by a landslide up here.


Dear Lifty,

You've answered your own question. Get out and vote against Obama.


Your Diary.