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anyone Want to explain this

In the process of getting ready for a show, i have my choice of thermos to use until the 3 week mark. i used a whole bottle of md-6, and ran out so i am using some adipo i had. i decided to stop the adipo and use eph 833 until 3 weeks out (contest rules i have to stop all ephedrine products at 3 weeks out) and i was gonna slam the yohimbe at that point. i took th eph this morning, and noon, but forgot and took the adipo at 4p. i was in a grat mood all day, and bam 1 hour after adipo i am pissed off. i don’t feel like being around anyone. whats the deal. this never happened with the md-6, and i am taking 2g tyrosine with the adipo. any guesses?